Say Hello To “Paedophobia”

Ah, the brave new world of liberal thinking: completely God-free, and with as much Satan as you can eat.

Read here about a new “sexual orientation”: the “minor-attracted”.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

If sodomy is only a matter of orientation, one does not see why this “orientation” should be condemned when it is directed towards children, dogs, or one's own relatives. Either a society decides that certain grave sins are forbidden for the simple reason that they go against natural law and God's precepts, or hell is the limit.

Yet, some people – many people, in fact – are now so ignorant and stupid that they espouse the mantra of “if there is no violence, people should be free to do what they want”.

Say hello to a world where homosexuals – and some heterosexual, presumably – have sex with their own adopted children, obviously within the framework of “love” the liberal society knows so well. As for the case of euthanasia, and so slimy itself, the work of “persuasion” of these monsters will at some point make abomination seem normal, and there will be no lack of subtle and less subtle ways to pervert little innocents. One can hope the phenomenon will – horrible as it is – be at least limited to the sons of the liberals themselves, but I fear much for the orphans. And then of course the perverts will try to pervert your children already at school. Isn't this exactly what they are trying to do with sodomy already?

This stupid society does not understand that one cannot be satanic by half. If one is ok with sodomy, it will only be a matter of time until he – or his children, or grandchildren at the latest – are fine with every other sort of abomination under the sun. Then the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children, as it is supposed to be.

Naturally, give it a couple of decades and every expression of opinion against such abominations will be accused of being intolerant, bigoted, hypocritical, & Co. “Phaedophobe!”, will the same people yell at you who now call you “homophobe”, among the applause of liberal journalists and self-appointed “intellectuals”.

As we have just seen, it works.



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  1. Quite so. The “slippery slope” may technically be a logical fallacy, but it is a relentless ratchet in the real world. “Give a mouse a cookie…”

  2. This page keeps a doleful eye on the trend of that all too slippery “orientation”:

  3. I am afraid you link isn’t working on this article

    Keep up the good work

  4. “If the child is desirable, then to desire it can hardly be freakish,” – Kincaid (11th October).

  5. Does this mean I will soon be able to marry my favourite parking meter? Mind you, it will have to compete with the post box as I am attracted to this too. Perhaps I can marry both.

    Decisions, decisions …

  6. “Then the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children, as it is supposed to be.”
    I agree that in reality the sins of the fathers are in many cases visited upon the children, but I don’t understand why the sins of the fathers ought to be visited upon the children. Could you please cite scripture to support that position? I know that I can find citations to support the opposite position, if you wish.

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