Keep Cardinal Ravasi Away From Twitter

I know there are a lot of stupid Cardinals around, but Cardinal Ravasi must lead the pack.

It is questionable whether a Catholic boy of fifteen would tweet fragments of lyrics of a just deceased musician without thinking whether he is giving the wrong example. It is unpardonable if a Cardinal does it.

Lou Reed dies and our oh so pop-culture loving Cardinal does not tweet reflecting about the fact that Lou Reed now sits in front of His judge. Like a very stupid fifteen years old, he tweets words from one of his songs, dedicated to heroine. If a Cardinal absolutely wants to tweet, he should do it to evangelise and be more efficient in his work; not to shamelessly promote himself as the cool guy. These people always talk of being “pastoral”, but what they really mean is being popular and having a quiet life.

Mind, I do not doubt stupid Cardinals have not been invented in the last half century. But in former times they did not have the possibility of showing the entire planet how unbelievably childish and – repetita iuvant -astonishingly stupid they are.

Cardinal Ravasi is a Cardinal in the mould of the current Pontiff. Being popular among the faithless and loved by the masses is clearly his first priority. There could be no other reason on earth why a Cardinal would, otherwise, tweet the lyrics of a dead pop star. In the modern race for popularity at all costs, Cardinal Ravasi did not want to stay behind, and we see the results.

One must say, though, even Bergoglio would avoid being as stupid as that. When he says something stupid, it generally is because he wants to.

Keep children away from knives, and Cardinal Ravasi away from Twitter.


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  1. There’s nothing worse than old men trying to be hip. It’s the necrotising fasciitis of the Catholic Church. And while I might accept that some cardinals are congenitally stupid, it takes all sorts, what I can’t get my head around is that someone like this – remember his claim that Jesus was the first tweeter – is President of the Pontifical Council for Culture at the Vatican One trembles at the thought that he was once designated papabile.

  2. Well, it could have been worse; he could have explicitly endorsed the heresy of Modernism. (Oh wait, it looks like he left that to Cardinal Maradiaga: )

    God is punishing us with shepherds such as these. We must repent and amend our lives.

  3. I believe “Réquiem ætérnam” is tweetable. That was what I did (said the prayer; not tweeted) when I heard the news about Lou Reed. Isn’t that the reaction of a believing Catholic? Didn’t all the baptized (who knew of Lou Reed) do the same thing? Shouldn’t that be normative for the ordained?

  4. He died from liver disease, I believe.

    Reed, a Jewish boy, once said: “My God is rock’n’roll.”. Well, he’ll have met him by now and one prays he repented before death.

    His greatest accomplishments? Songs praising gay sex, prostitution and sadomasochist sexual practices! He helped corrupt a generation. Good role model.

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