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The SSPX, Francis, And The Forest.

I cannot say it often enough: the SSPX is a beacon of sound Catholic thinking in the darkness of the “new humbleness”. Clearly, if you want to know what proper Catholicism is you must stay away from Francis' ramblings, as they will inoculate you with the virus of Modernism and shift you from the solid ground of Catholic reasoning to the deadly quicksands of fluffy, emotional, senseless, and in the end heretical thinking.

I suggest that you take the time – not so much of it after all – to read and interiorise this beautiful reflection on Francis' forma mentis – make no mistake: an heretical one – on the basis of his exploits with “Civilta' Cattolica” and “Repubblica”.

Once again, we see the steamroller of sound Catholic thinking rolling over Francis' marshmallow-tasting, popularity-seeking emotionalism, and flattening it altogether. Francis, a man of embarrassing ignorance and even more embarrassing arrogance, will not understand the objection; but rationally thinking Catholics with a grounded knowledge of Truth will immediately grasp that the problem with Francis is not in, say, the way he expresses himself but, far more gravely, in the way he thinks.

The simile with the blind man and the forest is delicious, and will remain with you for a long time.

Enjoy this example of Catholic sanity, and please remember to say one or three Hail Marys for Francis, who is so much in need of our prayers.



Episcopalians: The Wages Of Stupidity Is Extinction

Too stupid to survive.

Read here the scary (for them) figures telling a tale of free fall and rapid advancement towards annihilation of the sect of the Episcopalians.

The decline is now so rapid that it can be measured in appreciable percentages almost year-on-year. It is a slow death only because people generally take a long time to die, but it’s clear they are clinically dead already. I’d love to have the numbers of the conversions from the Church or from other Christian ecclesial communities, and to know how many of them are perverts or people to whom, say, the Sacra Rota has denied marriage annulment (it happens still in the US, I am told…) and who have decided the best way to escape Truth is to become a member of the lie.

Funnily, the poor cretins are now trying to discern how they can better market themselves, not realising this marketing mentality is what has doomed them in the first place. They will probably react by becoming even more like the perverted world out there, thinking if they are like the world the world will like them. The liberal mainstream mentality is now utterly heathenish, and so they have become.

They call it being “relevant”. Whoring for Satan, more like.

The Episcopalians have become like the world, and now the world does not know what to do with them. If Obamism is one’s religion, one certainly does not need any unrecognisable parody of a Christian sect; be it the Episcopalians, or any other.

Will the slow death of the Episcopalians be a lesson to our dear leaders, starting from He Who Shall Be Believed Humble? I doubt. Our shepherds, drunk on popularity and approval, actually think – as far as the marketing mentality is concerned – exactly like the Episcopalians. The huge difference is that the Church is not only Indefectible and supported by the Holy Ghost, but also protected by the bastions of the Depositum fidei, which makes Her unassailable from attacks in Episcopalian style.

Francis or no Francis, the Barque of Peter will never sink. The Episcopalian ship of fools is already inclined and it will sink – as sects go – very fast.

Die, Episcopalian Mickey Mouse Christian sect. Die.

It serves you right.


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