The SSPX, Francis, And The Forest.

I cannot say it often enough: the SSPX is a beacon of sound Catholic thinking in the darkness of the “new humbleness”. Clearly, if you want to know what proper Catholicism is you must stay away from Francis' ramblings, as they will inoculate you with the virus of Modernism and shift you from the solid ground of Catholic reasoning to the deadly quicksands of fluffy, emotional, senseless, and in the end heretical thinking.

I suggest that you take the time – not so much of it after all – to read and interiorise this beautiful reflection on Francis' forma mentis – make no mistake: an heretical one – on the basis of his exploits with “Civilta' Cattolica” and “Repubblica”.

Once again, we see the steamroller of sound Catholic thinking rolling over Francis' marshmallow-tasting, popularity-seeking emotionalism, and flattening it altogether. Francis, a man of embarrassing ignorance and even more embarrassing arrogance, will not understand the objection; but rationally thinking Catholics with a grounded knowledge of Truth will immediately grasp that the problem with Francis is not in, say, the way he expresses himself but, far more gravely, in the way he thinks.

The simile with the blind man and the forest is delicious, and will remain with you for a long time.

Enjoy this example of Catholic sanity, and please remember to say one or three Hail Marys for Francis, who is so much in need of our prayers.



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  1. And I quote:

    “How harmonious it would have sounded to Catholic ears worldwide if Scalfari had been given a rational proof for God’s existence! It could have been done very briefly:

    Dear Doctor, we know from our uniform experience that everything around us is finite and limited. But what is finite and relative cannot be explained without the infinite and absolute. It is impossible that there be caused causes without an Uncaused One, received being without Unreceived Being, participated goodness without Absolute Goodness. Therefore, we must admit these absolutes — to which everyone gives the name ‘God’ — so as not to fall into irrationality.”

    “… so as not to fall into irrationality. ”

    Simply delicious!
    PS And a child of 14 can understand.

  2. Francis, in his interviews, has advanced a farrago of nonsense that is not in any discernible sense even Christian.

    He sounds like an existentialist, really.

  3. Refreshingly clear article. (I attend a SSPX Mass exclusively. I have for years. But I somehow missed this gem.) Thank you for the link. I have forwarded it to loved ones. Perhaps it will help to open the door to conversation…

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