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Francis, The Tango-Loving Mystic

No Tango-loving mystic, this one.

Not for the first time, Sandro Magister's columns reports (or tries to reinforce; the pressure must he huge) the attempts of the Vatican to let Bergoglism appear a bona fide strain of Catholicism.

This time, Civilta' Cattolica informs us – and Magister uncritically swallows – that Francis is a man of deep spirituality, in whose workings the influence of the Holy Ghost would take precedence over the fighting of the vices and the practice of the virtues.

What a load of rubbish.

I cannot mention one single great mystic of the Church who was also not holy, and a wonderful example of fighting vices and practicing virtues. Civilta' Cattolica – and Magister – try here to sell us something that is just not there, merely because of the necessity to give some explanation for the dereliction of duty of the present Pontiff.

The Holy Ghost doesn't work in instalments. He does not give mysticism to one without also giving him an extremely keen sensitivity towards the fighting of vices and the practices of virtues. Read St. Theresa of Avila and tell me whether in her the fighting of vice was ever disjointed from the mystical aspect.

On the contrary: Francis' obvious disinterest for the fighting of vice – his faggot friend, Monsignor Ricca, is still at his place: a scandal that, alone, would be enough to define his Pontificate – is nothing but the evidence, plain for everyone to see, of his lack I do not say of mysticism, but even of a healthy spiritual life.

This is a Pope who publicly declares to like the Tango, for heaven' sake. What is mystical in that?

The ugly truth is that all attempts of Magister to appear Francis look decent notwithstanding, the Jesuit fox has been put in charge of the Catholic henhouse. A vulgar man so immersed in the rubbish of the favela he has started to think its stench has a pleasant smell, Francis' papacy has up to now been an astonishing succession of scandalous behaviours and scandalous decisions, of liturgical abuses – inspired by the Holy Ghost? Since when does the Holy Ghost inspire to liturgical abuses? – and beach balls on the altar, of ceaseless pandering to the Atheists and infidels and vulgar jokes about homos within the Vatican not having an identification card.

If Francis is a mystical Pope, Stalin was a philanthropist.



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