Beyond The Wheelchair

No problems with creepy perverts, for sure…

Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.


Wheelchairs are, as we are informed, not enough anymore. In his humbleness, the Bishop of Rome cares to be seen by the entire planet whilst he kisses and blesses a poor man, obviously disfigured by a terrible disease. Following the example of the Gospel, Francis does not miss an occasion to put himself in the middle of the street, and be seen by everyone whilst doing good. Very moving, I am told. Perhaps I should check the Gospel on the matter, though, and Francis too.

As we live in an age of easy popularity, forgive me if I swim against the tide and allow myself to be unpopular, fully uncaring of the complaints of the adoring crowds of Francis, The Humble Pharisee. I am truly, truly sick and tired of this kindergarten mentality that refuses to see reality, and prefers to take refuge in bouts of sugary emotionalism completely devoid of any logical content whilst sound Catholicism goes to the dogs. There are bloggers around swooning like girls at the sight of the boy band: look, he did not only kiss the man! No! He imposed his hands on him! Astonishing! Unprecedented! We thought he would say “take the man away from me, he’s ugly!” And instead, this…!

Give me a break.

Do you think that Pope Benedict would have refused to see, or bless, the very same man? What about JPII, JP I, Paul VII? Pius XII perhaps, or Pius XI? Or perhaps is it so, that these were all men who, conscious of the fact that they must disappear as persons so that Christ may appear in the Papacy, would not indulge in public gestures easily – and rightly – seen as cheap shot at personal popularity?

What is more like the Pharisee in the Gospel of a Pope who, instead of sending his Almoner to help around in the most discreet manner possible – as it used to be; so much so, that most people do not even know who an Almoner is and what he does – sends him around to say to the people he helps “this money comes from Pope Francis”, with the unavoidable press echo whenever someone makes the event public? Is it not so, that saying “this money comes from Pope Francis” is an invitation to make it public?

“Pope Francis helps old lady”. And then you are on the press with 200 euros.

Aaahh, the church of V II. The Pharisees would be proud.

The very same mechanism is at work with all the wheelchairs, and the poor disfigured people. It is as if this were the first Pope who has compassion.

Wake up, for heaven’s sake. Refuse to be part of this circus. Read again what Jesus said about the Pharisee who puts themselves in the middle of the road, and say it out loud. With all their shortcomings, Paul VI, JP II and Benedict XVI had a sense of dignity completely absent from this Twitter Hero, this Dalai Lama in White. This papacy is degenerating into a marketing circus of the cheapest sort; a circus meant to promote one man, whilst orthodoxy is considered “narrow-minded”. If you think of all the times Jesus expresses himself with great fury, you have no doubt whatsoever whether Francis would have considered Him narrow-minded…

And don’t tell me Francis doesn’t want this. He isn’t blind. He sees the cameras. He sees the photographers. He knows what will happen. He clearly follows a plan, enacted countless times already. If you still haven’t got that Francis is more attracted to photo-ops promoting his image than Bill Clinton was attracted to curvaceous interns, you are beyond hope.

Oh for a Pope who does his job seriously; speaks rarely but sensibly; can teach and admonish instead of spreading lies and confusion; and is interested in being hated by the wrong people, and followed by the right ones.

Will I see a decent Pope again before I die? Perhaps not. But I will not silently accept this obscene circus that degrades the Church every day to the promotion of one man, and seeks to prostitute Her to the whims and the fashions of this world.

Let us not obsess about abortion, or sodomy. Let us swoon about Francis’ latest media performance instead.





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  1. Pope Francis did no more than nurses do every day in our hospitals. What nurses do is much more unpleasant. Why the fuss about this?

  2. So I’m not the only grouch who’s exasperated by this latest photo-op! Most of the swooners are talking about how “Christlike” this picture is. As if it’s enough to ape the gestures of the Saviour to enjoy the same holiness. When Christ touched a leper, He was taking a risk, and doing something shocking to the people around him. How is this gesture, in our society, remotely comparable? As you say, all of the previous popes would have done the same thing. In fact, it would be unthinkable NOT to welcome an afflicted or handicapped person these days. Even the politicians do it. It’s perfectly nice, but in no way is it comparable to Jesus healing an outcast. We have to do more than just reproduce bible tableaux, or else we’ll see Francis just happen to spot a donkey one day in St. Peter’s Square and hop up for a little ride.

    In our times, the outcasts are not the visibly disfigured. We have our own version of 1st century lepers, people whom it is considered degrading and even dangerous to associate with. Your October 17 entry, “Praying for Priebke” describes one; not nearly as photogenic as the gentleman in the wheelchair, so I’m not surprised that Francis was nowhere to be found on that occasion.

    • Very well said.
      It is fair to say our media-wise Pontiff knew if he had dared to say a word for Priebke – who died at peace with the Lord – the clapping would have turned into hostility.
      Never have I seen the Church reduced to such a level of submission to the world. Not even under Paul VI.


  3. The hilarious thing is as you mentioned, all of the other Popes did these things, but in secret and without notice or attention. Pope Francis has to desire the cameras there, if he didn’t want them there, he could get rid of them, but actively and deliberately chooses not to. The gates of hell will not prevail….Kyrie eleison, and may his pontificate be a short one.

    Even PJPII the extroverted type he was, even he didn’t go about being this public about everything…

  4. felicitasperpetua

    Once again, you’re right on track. The real problem isn’t that Francis sucks as a Catholic and as Bishop of Rome. The problem is that most modern Catholics are dysfunctional pre-adolescents: superficial and egocentric, enamored of everything that’s glittery and vulgar and of bogus virtues. Francis is what we have deserved (though we still have the obligation to speak up).

    There will be a decent pope when the quality of the Catholic laity improves. I imagine that, in a generation or two, our membership will be down to a fraction of what it is now but it will have sounder doctrine and morals. Some day, the prayers and sacrifices of the faithful (including yours) will bear fruit. When the Mickey Mouse catholics vanish from the face of the Earth, the likes of Francis will take their show to the neighborhood disco where they belong.

  5. “I would like to remind you that you do not carry out a role that is purely documental, ‘neutral’ to events, but you contribute to drawing the Church closer to the world, eliminating distances, bringing the the words of the Pope to millions of Catholics, even where often professing the faith is a courageous choice. Thanks to images, CTV is journeying with the Pope to bring Christ to contemporary man’s many forms of solitude, by reaching even the ‘most sophisticated technological peripheries’.”

  6. Dear Mundabor. I can understand it when you criticise the Pope for his weird comments but I can not understand why you chose to criticise him in this instance.

    This is more than swimming against the tide, it is resurrrecting memories of King Canute.

    I never miss a day of your valuable commentary but I think you erred badly here and this post makes you look small and not the man who stands tall.

    Please consider taking this post down and apologising; whether or not this was planned, I am sure it made a world of difference to that disfigured man and criticissng the Pope for this act of kindness is just plain mean.

    • My dear Vermontcrank,
      Don’t you think that I think twice before posting?
      What difference Francis made for the poor man is neither here nor there, and you should have read the blog post with more attention.
      Francis could have invited the poor man to his … hotel and showered him with love and affection without making of it a media stunt, something he does continuously.
      With your reasoning, the Pharisee in the middle of the street should not be censored, because the alms giving does benefit the recipient.m


  7. Francis is a liberal politician like any other, using all the typical displays of politically-correct “caring”, while promoting the decline of standards and personal morals that we see in all popular culture. Francis is the Hollywood Pope.

    • Exactly.
      Show before substance.
      Actually: show instead of substance.
      Pope Pius XII saved more than 800,000 Jews from extermination, and did not brag about it once.

  8. Great post! Couldn’t agree with it more!

  9. Dear Mjundabor. Ought Jesus have only healed in private? I understand you are a thoughtful man but none of us is impeccable and I I will not belabor my petition but simply thank you for letting me register my disagreement.

    • Francis isn’t Jesus. And he hasn’t healed anyone.
      Besides, Jesus – not myself – is the one saying one should not put oneself in the middle of the street when he does something good.


  10. We have been seeing how Francis is very adept at using the press for his personal glorification. (No one is saying that Catholicism is wonderful, they are all saying that Francis is wonderful). So I wonder if the ostentatious humility of kissing the man with the skin condition was a planned setup. Maybe one day an insider will reveal the machinations – then that insider will feel the wrath from the forces of liberal ‘tolerance’.

    Mundabor: keep up your courageous work. Dominus vobiscum.

    • I do not think he “plans” the events. The only thing he has to is to keep the photographers near. The occasions will present themselves quite naturally, and the swooning girls of blogdom will do the rest.


  11. The poor man is as ill as he was before. Pope Francis hasn’t healed him.
    In the speach at the Audience, where the encounter took place, Pope Francis asked the ill! to find Christ in the people who take care of them.
    This makes me wounder I thought it is necessary to find the face of christ in the poor an ill. like saint Martin has did by the pedlar he chared his coat with.
    If I were the poor man I would feel misused. Misused for publicitiy and orderd to be grateful for this

    • It’s amazing how nowadays Jesus should be found anywhere but where He is: in His Church, in the Sacraments, in the Tabernacle, in a life of obedience and prayer.

      All this “finding” of Jesus only has one aim: to imply that simple “doing good” may be an alternative to proper adoration and religious duty. This must be so, if one wishes to convey the message that atheists, sodomites and murderers of unborn babies are saved, because they “do good”.

      Philanthropy without proper love of God is not charity; it is a pure natural work devoid of supernatural grace and utterly unable to save.

      Still, we hear all the time Francis saying or implying that “doing good” is what leads one to Christ and Christ to him, and a free entry ticket to the Divine Presence.

      Wrong. Christ refuses he who refuses Him, even if he has spent the last 100 years curing aborigines, or helping polar bear cubs, or the like.


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