Appeasement Never Works

New Century, old stupidity.


This article ( (apology for the mess: can't get the link to work) is a good example of why evangelisation works, and appeasement doesn't.

The deluded souls who make a show of their ignorance – and arrogance – in the article are all starting from the wrong premise: if the Church and I disagree, the Church has to change her tune.

They clearly don't know the first thing about what the Church is and how she works. The premise that the Church has to “evolve” is fundamentally Neo-Protestant.

It may be that the one or other of those interviewed – largely perverts, of course: nowadays journalists ask perverts what they think about Church teaching, and not in jest – know that the Church is the custodian of a Truth that cannot change, and pretend not to know it; but it is more likely that many of them think that the Church could change, but does not want to.

Now, if the Western clergy hammered Sunday in and Sunday out in the head of their pewsitters that Truth can, like God, never be changed, in time the concept would spread outside of the pew, in the civil society made of people who vote. But they don't, so it doesn't.

Instead, we have an insisted stressing of how the Church is changing under Pope Diana. This fuels – and cannot but fuel – the expectation of more “change” among people who think such a change is an option in the first place.

You can read the results in the linked article. Expect more appeasement, though, instead of more truth.

What will be the consequence of this mentality? Lapsed Catholics, circus Catholicism, abortion, so-called “gay marriage”, and the rest.

Under Francis, the Church is preparing a massive campaign of appeasement. As the article clearly shows, appeasement never works.



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  1. Is there a problem with the link?

    • Yes, there is. At least with my browser.
      After reading your post I have tried again a couple of times but for some reason the link does not work on the published page. I have now published the entire string. What a mess, though… 😉


  2. I googled and found the article at this link: Don’t know why it won’t work in your blog.

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