Francis The Clown


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  1. In Britain, red nose day supports abortion. Do you think that the Pope knows this?

    • I did not know it myself.
      Having said that, it behooves the Vatican to check that whatever initiative they support, even indirectly, is also worthy.
      Links or further info highly appreciated.

      More in general, I thought the Church has a lot of initiatives herself? Am I wrong? Did popes of the past support, say, RSPB of WWF?

      Still, the man debases the Papacy and makes it to a joke, as he increases his popularity among those stupid enough not to understand the gravity of his behaviour.



  2. Links or further info highly appreciated.

    ‘Red Nose Day has made, and continues to make, grants that fund groups that advocate and promote abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage, such as the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the Terrence Higgins Trust.’


  3. It’s hard to imagine, say, Pope Pius XII wearing a red nose. Perhaps it’s something to do with being very very humble.

  4. This is what I call type casting

  5. Reminds me of lyrics from a hit song of ~20 years ago:

    “What if God was one of us
    just a slob like one of us”

    by a certain singer-lesbian Joan Osborne (replete with nose ring), one of the vaunted “marginalized”.

    As Francis strives to tear down the dignity and authority of the office, I suppose one day he might give orders and he’ll hear, “you can’t tell me what to do”. At least, I hope so.

  6. Rebuild my Church, indeed. I’ve also heard that the fellow in the middle might be wearing a Masonic cross. Shudder.

  7. Francis trades in his red mozzetta for a red nose. How fitting. Should be official papal wear for the duration of this papacy.

  8. The medal on the chap at centre of photo is, I believe, a tiara and keys. A larger photo online shows a bit more clearly.

    But a square and compass (or hammer and sickle) would probably not have surprised me today, sadly.

    While on the subject of pontifical clownery, the following from Buenos Aires in July this year may add some perspective,

    Such is life in Bergoglio’s former diocese – such is his legacy. “So the desecration of a Cathedral and the profanation of Holy Mass, so the corruption of young and pliant minds, so the Bishop”, is I guess a phrase which might be coined in these days.

    That hermeneutic of continuity really has me scratching my head sometimes.

  9. In this case the Pope supported newly wed members of the Rainbow Association Marco Iagulli Onlus.

    „The Pope showed he has a sense of humour as well as a caring side today when he donned a red nose at the wedding of members of a charity that uses clowns to cheer up children.
    Pope Francis appeared at the Vatican to congratulate the newlyweds from the Rainbow Association Marco Iagulli Onlus who were getting married there.
    As the pair came down the steps, he took the opportunity to show his support for the charity by donning the universal symbol of comedy.
    Francis is fast becoming well known for his informal manner, which has landed him in situations that would have been unthinkable to his predecessors.(…)”

    Read more:

    • So if he had donned a Svastika would you have said “in this case he is supporting a newlywed?”
      Fact is he has promoted the organisation and himself – in the usual shameless way – with it

  10. The Pope must stop this silly behavior and start acting like a Pope. He shows no respect for the office he holds.

  11. Disgraceful…and I thought some of the things JP II did were silly. This really takes the cake. What next? Will he don a cheese head like that buffoon Dolan? Yeah that’s it…the triple crown cheese head and throw in the clown nose for good measure. This about sums up the whole Novus Ordo establishment…in a word silliness! It is to weep…

  12. I thought I only mentioned the facts. I thought you wanted more links and information regarding the red nose. That he supported the members of this “rainbow (!)association” in “this case” is only a fact in my opinion. My mother tongue is German but mabye in English all this has another meaning…. I never intended to defend the Pope´s actions.

  13. I guess instead of calling him Beanbag Bergoglio ( I thought he would replace the papal throne with that so-1970s piece of sitting ware ), I need to shift to Bozo Bergoglio. Well, at least it is alliterative.

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