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Francis’ “Tango Mass”.

After the Pinocchio Mass, another document emerges that will condemn the disgrace called Jorge Bergoglio to shame for all centuries to come.

Look at the video below and tell me which one of you, confronted with such a sacrilege, would not cry scandal and declare the priest responsible for such an impiety, and everyone willingly involved in the preparation and execution of such a monstrosity, either extremely stupid and utterly deluded, or else positively evil.

I do not need to call as witness St Pius X or Leo XIII. This is not merely an inappropriate event that can be spotted only by the trained eyes of a liturgist. Far from that.

Ask yourself whether one Argentinian prostitute, even only one of them, of one hundred years ago and with a minimum, a mere trace of fear of The Lord would have condoned a Post-communion Tango at Mass; just in front of the altar; two and a half meter from the Crucifix; practically in the shadow of a statue of Christ; not only in church, but in the very sanctuary.

This is pure evil. Pure evil. Pure evil.

How can one look at this obscene spectacle and not think that those responsible for it are fully, fully in the hands of Satan; either because blinded by their own pride of “church reformers”, or else because positively devoted to the destruction of what they know is holy.

The man who presided over all this – and no, I do not care a straw about whether he planned it, or wanted it: he allowed it, so he is responsible – wasn’t a stupid parish priest. He was an extremely blinded, or extremely evil, Archbishop and Cardinal.

This very man has become the Pope. Clearly, God in His mercy has allowed (not willed) this vulgar, shameless man to be elected so that even the most stupid among the sheep may finally come to their senses and see the madness of Vatican II and the resulting, utterly wordly “pacification theology” that comes with it.

You can only side with Christ or with the world, there is no alternative. The stupid (or evil) mentality of this extremely dangerous, subversive man becomes extremely evident whenever he tries to pacify the enemies – the Church and the world -, thus creating a clash of worlds that can only produce desecration, heresy and blasphemy. This clash is so evident that not to be scandalised at even thinking of what you see in this video requires an advanced degree of blindness and the prideful perversion of every concept of Christianity; or, alternatively, a cold-blooded, calculated intent to damage Holy Mother Church as much as one can.

Let us say it again, because there are things that must be said: it is reasonable to think that every Argentine prostitute of one hundred years ago, if provided with a minimum of fear of the Lord, would have shuddered at the mere idea of such a spectacle as you can see in the video. Jorge Bergoglio, the oh so modest Bishop of Rome, is obviously below such a level of morality, and I do not doubt he would call it “moralism”, or “ideology”. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi. Francis is the best example of this, and his Lex Credendi is perfectly in tune with his Lex Orandi.

God is now clearly smashing our post V II stupidity in front of our eyes, so that even the most deluded Pollyannas can see, or have no excuses if they refuse to do it.

Open your eyes and see the evil in the face; that you may, by much prayer and penance, avoid sharing the destiny of those among these fools who will die in their prideful delusion.

Or ignore the evidence at your peril.

The sacrilege is posted on top. The Tango begins at around 26:35. Persuade yourself of the future Bishop of Rome being fully a part of this sacrilege. It’s a real Mass; homily, Holy Communion and the rest.

The two are dancing the Tango after Mass. In the sanctuary. In front of Jorge Bergoglio.


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Just so we do not think the Cardinals have chosen an example of liturgical orthodoxy, this is what we are confronted with.

I think at 7:50 what you are supposed to see is Jesus.

If you haven’t had enough, feast your eyes with the “Smiling Christ On The Cross” at 8:08.

I pity the poor children.




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Truth, Fights, Popes, and Hobbits.

Fifty Years Later.

Particularly in the United States, the cry of the pro-life and other Catholic militants who feel abandoned by Francis is rising high.

They rightly observe that when Francis says they are “obsessed” with issues like sodomy and abortion he is basically devaluing their battle, and rather making of them an example of a behaviour not to be followed: an “inflexible”, “ideological” attitude that leaves “mercy” aside to privilege “legalism”.

This is all very true, of course. By subtly – or less subtly – sabotaging their work, Francis is saying that it is good to be “pro-life” only as long as this remains at the level of a pious wish, of the “I know what the Church says in the matter, so we don't need to talk about it” kind. When, though, the teaching translates into real action – and, forcibly, in controversial action – then the boundaries of “mercy” have been transgressed, and the realm of Pelagianism has begun.

Still, when all is said and done the Truth remains exactly the same Truth, and the fight remains exactly the same fight. One can be abandoned by the Pope, but one can never be abandoned by Truth.

Fights are fought for the Truth, not for the Pope. The Pope is supposed to fight the same fight, but there is no guarantee that he will do it properly, or that he will do it at all. The only way is to do what we ought, come what may, and to let the Pope be a bad Pope if this is his wish. The day will come when both – the pro-life activist and the professional saboteur – will get their reward.

For the same reason, I was never worried in the least about the effect that the antics of the Bishop of Rome will have on my blogging activity. We write our blogs because the Clergy don't do their job; that there should be a Pope even much, much worse than the already bad average seen after V II is, if not entirely par for the course, certainly within the cards now that a mad generation of blind, stupid, heretical, deluded clergy gone out of the seminaries in the Sixties and Seventies reach positions of great power and influence, up to the very top of the tree.

Let us do our job of little but determined Catholic fighters, like as many stubborn hobbits who love to eat and be merry, but can put a rather determined fight if they have to (ahh, Tolkien. So good, and so Catholic…). If Francis wants to sabotage our work – which he does – let us redouble our effort. We don't need to have the Pope on our side. We fight at the side of two thousand years of God-given Catholic tradition, not of fifty years of popes more or less drunk on modernism, up to the one who is completely plastered.

V II hasn't produced anything good anyway; merely degrees of bad. When we realise this, we will be able to fight our little fights – within the family, with friends and acquaintances, with colleagues – without looking left or right. Yes, we will probably die without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But we might be rewarded, in time, with an infinitely better one.



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