Francis’ “Tango Mass”.

After the Pinocchio Mass, another document emerges that will condemn the disgrace called Jorge Bergoglio to shame for all centuries to come.

Look at the video below and tell me which one of you, confronted with such a sacrilege, would not cry scandal and declare the priest responsible for such an impiety, and everyone willingly involved in the preparation and execution of such a monstrosity, either extremely stupid and utterly deluded, or else positively evil.

I do not need to call as witness St Pius X or Leo XIII. This is not merely an inappropriate event that can be spotted only by the trained eyes of a liturgist. Far from that.

Ask yourself whether one Argentinian prostitute, even only one of them, of one hundred years ago and with a minimum, a mere trace of fear of The Lord would have condoned a Post-communion Tango at Mass; just in front of the altar; two and a half meter from the Crucifix; practically in the shadow of a statue of Christ; not only in church, but in the very sanctuary.

This is pure evil. Pure evil. Pure evil.

How can one look at this obscene spectacle and not think that those responsible for it are fully, fully in the hands of Satan; either because blinded by their own pride of “church reformers”, or else because positively devoted to the destruction of what they know is holy.

The man who presided over all this – and no, I do not care a straw about whether he planned it, or wanted it: he allowed it, so he is responsible – wasn’t a stupid parish priest. He was an extremely blinded, or extremely evil, Archbishop and Cardinal.

This very man has become the Pope. Clearly, God in His mercy has allowed (not willed) this vulgar, shameless man to be elected so that even the most stupid among the sheep may finally come to their senses and see the madness of Vatican II and the resulting, utterly wordly “pacification theology” that comes with it.

You can only side with Christ or with the world, there is no alternative. The stupid (or evil) mentality of this extremely dangerous, subversive man becomes extremely evident whenever he tries to pacify the enemies – the Church and the world -, thus creating a clash of worlds that can only produce desecration, heresy and blasphemy. This clash is so evident that not to be scandalised at even thinking of what you see in this video requires an advanced degree of blindness and the prideful perversion of every concept of Christianity; or, alternatively, a cold-blooded, calculated intent to damage Holy Mother Church as much as one can.

Let us say it again, because there are things that must be said: it is reasonable to think that every Argentine prostitute of one hundred years ago, if provided with a minimum of fear of the Lord, would have shuddered at the mere idea of such a spectacle as you can see in the video. Jorge Bergoglio, the oh so modest Bishop of Rome, is obviously below such a level of morality, and I do not doubt he would call it “moralism”, or “ideology”. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi. Francis is the best example of this, and his Lex Credendi is perfectly in tune with his Lex Orandi.

God is now clearly smashing our post V II stupidity in front of our eyes, so that even the most deluded Pollyannas can see, or have no excuses if they refuse to do it.

Open your eyes and see the evil in the face; that you may, by much prayer and penance, avoid sharing the destiny of those among these fools who will die in their prideful delusion.

Or ignore the evidence at your peril.

The sacrilege is posted on top. The Tango begins at around 26:35. Persuade yourself of the future Bishop of Rome being fully a part of this sacrilege. It’s a real Mass; homily, Holy Communion and the rest.

The two are dancing the Tango after Mass. In the sanctuary. In front of Jorge Bergoglio.


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  1. Terrible abuses!!

    Have you listened to this sermon, Mundabor? You made a point to say that God’s allowed (vs. willed) but the priest in this sermon suggests that God could be actively willing this in Divine Justice. After all we do get the leaders we deserve…not necessarily those whom we need.

    Anyway, it gave me stuff to think about.

    In Christo Rege,

  2. I remember this! it made my Blood boil! I remember when Bergoglio had objections to Handel’s Dixit Dominus but allowed this filth in the house of God.. Tango was born in brothels in the early 20 century, some people is shocked to know that originally tango was danced by male-male couples, men danced while they wait for their turn with the prostitutes but also was a way for sodomites to met men, if one listen to the lyrics of old tangos, real tangos, they only sing about whores and evil women that take men to destitution, crime and madness. Tango is a disgusting vulgarity that in recent times was reformed, and somewhat refined to appeal foreign people, in europe they only know the edulcorated and disguised tango which is practically presented as classical music.. Insane! but the real tango, the ones that Bergoglio like (his speech is FULL of foul tango slang) are nothing but impious trash.

    • Oh, I have seen tango dances that were obscene enough even on the Italian State Tv. The mutual rubbing, particularly from the woman, is unmistakable.

      I think it’s more the likes of Astor Piazzolla that have made Tango presentable: people only listen to it on the radio or a CD, they do not see the dance itself.


  3. Tango a la vieja usanza (the old way)

    a male-male couple, this is how tango started in the brothels of Buenos Aires, homosexuals claim that whorehouses and tango dens were places were they could met other perverts, that is why tango is very popular among homosexual tourists in Buenos Aires and Montevideo (Ricca must know about this)

  4. This is the type of thing that makes me very angry, even though upon watching it I can see that it’s toned down. The Baptist is out and Salome is in. Worse will follow, of course. Maybe one day Miley Cyrus will be a guest at the Vatican.

    I hope that people are saving copies of the video, in case it disappears. I used an addon for Firefox called ‘1 Click Video Download’. There are also other ways.

    • Well of course it wouldn’t be the most obscene version of the Tango, would it now? At that point, they could have made porn in the church already.


  5. Hmmm….A sacrilegious bishop is now the Pope. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. I suppose there will be the usual mitigating backstory: they are a long-married couple, and they give tango lessons “for charity”.

    There was that celebrity baptism video from Italy, with an Italian priest and an ex-soft-porn star and her baby.

    In 1976, Francis’ fellow everyman-liberal Jimmy Carter became U.S. president and very quickly did an interview in soft-porn magazine Playboy. There was a backlash and he did not repeat with any similar stunts.

    I’d say that there definitely is something very ‘psychiatric’ about this obsession with tango by Jorge. Very psychiatric.

  7. Nice to see that some of the congregation failed to applaud and looked scandalised.

  8. I have to chuckle because I find that I (like many others) see it necessary to put quotes around so many ordinary words when talking about Francis. It’s a way of indicating that I don’t agree that the usual meaning of the word applies in Francis’ case.

    So: Francis is a “holy” man and “spiritual leader”, who believes in instant “mercy” for all people and being “non-judgmental” about “gays” and other deviants.

    Likewise with saying the word “mitigating”, which the world will surely buy into for Francis’ stunts – but not myself. I must remember to use the quotes at all times 🙂

    Now, I think I might go and read one of Francis’ “inspiring sermons”.

  9. This is terrible and alarming ….
    just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse …they just did !
    Much prayer and fasting is needed for Pope Francis …

  10. No parish priest of with any shred of integrity would have permitted such an abuse on the sanctuary. The fact that this was presided over by the former archbishop now Pope is horrendous. There is such a thing as a Catholic instinct, a spontaneous repugnance to anything that defiles the sacred liturgy and dishonours God and a sensitivity to that which honours the Divine. This just exposes how far our hierarchy has abandoned Catholic sensibilities. That’s why I am not impressed by reports that PF celebrated ad orientem recently and in Latin. I fear its just more modernist posturing with him and after the horrendous liturgical spectacle of WYD you can see where his heart really lies.

  11. I don’t see Cardinal Bergoglio. Could you point him out, if he is there?

  12. To say I am no longer able to be shocked is, I suppose, shocking in itself.

  13. “God is now clearly smashing our post V II stupidity in front of our eyes, so that even the most deluded Pollyannas can see, or have no excuses if they refuse to do it.”

    I agree.

  14. and they weren’t even good tango dancers. she looked like she was holding him up and her disgusting falling off the shoulder shirt was gross, but not as gross as her leering smile. at least the video of the two guys tango ing showed some skill and style…
    truly pathetic…
    but did I miss something? i know this took place “long ago,” is our Pope planning on doing this again, like at St. Peter’s???

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