Soon The Papal Pinocchio Mass?

The Pinocchio Mass reblog.

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Just so we do not think the Cardinals have chosen an example of liturgical orthodoxy, this is what we are confronted with.

I think at 7:50 what you are supposed to see is Jesus.

If you haven’t had enough, feast your eyes with the “Smiling Christ On The Cross” at 8:08.

I pity the poor children.




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  1. Will there never be an end to this ? I thought the ” cookie mass ” was an abomination and the Wiccan ceremony performed at the Jesuit Church of St Francis in New York was worse. Now this ? When Christ returns the angels had better be equipped with ak-17’s. Forget the bull whips. These clowns are worse than any money-changers.

    • This is a Reblog of what I posted in the first days of Bergoglio’s papacy. The liturgical abuse on Monday Thursday did not leave any doubt about the respect with with Francis approaches the liturgy. Today, I have posted the “Tango Mass”.

      I am afraid this is only the beginning. Unless a storm of protests erupts, Francis will continue on his subversive and modernist path. He will have the support of the hysterical blogging groupies, and of the mainstream press so “enchanted” with the “modest Pope”.


  2. So banal. So bereft of anything to nourish the soul. Where is the transcendece? As the tango Mass illustrates, the young will abandon this dreck as soon as they are able.

  3. These are dark days …The Tango Mass was terrible and disgusting …and this one above is another ABUSE beyond belief…it amazes me that they are all BLIND to the TRUTH….I would never sit there and watch these abouse take place ….I would have to get up and walk out…how do we combat such evil and abuses in our Holy Catholic Church !

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