Francis And The Poor Blogger

“What is a poor Blogger to do”, is the question that I now pose to myself almost every day as Francis' antics multiply, fully uncaring of the scandal they give, or else a more and more disquieting picture of the pre-Francis past of Jorge Bergoglio emerges.

It would be, of course, very wrong and very sinful to address the man in the same way I would with, say, a David Cameron or Enda Kenny. In the case of the Bishop of Rome, we must exercise that restraint that comes not from respecting the man (frankly, I don't. “Unworthy of the habit” is the way I would describe him to a non-Catholic or a Catholic alike), but from loving the office.

Here, though, the problem begins. The enormity of what is happening – an enormity to which many have got accustomed with astonishing speed – cannot in my eyes be expressed with nuanced and in the end ineffective expressions of more or less strong reservation for Francis' actions. In the end, our yes should be yes and our no should be no. The message must come through without any equivocation, and without any hesitation. To simply say that one is “confused” doesn't say much, because put it that way the confusion might not be Francis' fault, not even when such “confusion” is due to obvious heresy. Similarly, when one says that certain expressions could have been avoided, one neglects the enormity of their meaning and denies the enormity of the damage they cause. It is not done with half words.

To this you must add that I cannot change myself in a foreigner by simply writing in a foreign language. We Southern Europeans have rather powerful emotions, or alternatively you northerners and assorted Anglo-Saxons are incapable of any. By us when the blood boils, the tongue will tell. I do not see anything wrong with that, and even if I did I doubt I could do much in the years God has left me.

Unavoidably, the one or other blog post will go against your grain. So be it. This is the blog of a fiery Italian, and if you don't like the way I write there are plenty of Anglo-Saxon bloggers waiting for your click. But if you click here, please make allowances for different cultural climates and dissimilarity of temperament.

Before I write a post, I often ask myself in which case would I be better off if suddenly hit by the already mentioned Boris Bus, or flower vase. I generally end up deciding I would be better off saying it as I see it, rather than playing diplomatician – which I am very bad at, anyway – with events that rival the worst 2,000 years of Church history have to offer in matter of shamelessness and scandal. And I am very sorry, but if you can't see the extent of the devastation and of the open heresy and omnipresent error now embraced as mainstream Catholicism and promoted by the very Pope you are not a part of the solution, but rather – if perhaps unwittingly so – of the problem.

Fair warning must, therefore, be given. Whatever name Francis has deserved for himself and is not – according to my judgment, not yours; see above under “temperament” – grossly insulting of the Papacy, I will use. If he makes a clown of himself, he will be called just that. If he is heretical, he will be called a heretic – and I don't care much if formal or material; this concerns rather his eternal salvation than the scandal objectively given -, and if he behaves like a child, he will be called a child.

It still pains me that I was hoping against hope when others had the gut to see clearly and say it as it is: when Rorate commented Francis' election with the title: “The Horror!” I did not want to believe things were that way, at least not so fast and without abundant evidence. Turns out the title was just right, the evidence is shocking and absolutely overwhelming, and “The Horror” is the title that should go on top of every second blog post about Pope Bergoglio.

The Papacy is not protected, but is rather insulted, if we consider Francis an even halfway acceptable occupant of the Sea of Peter. That Popes can be not only woefully inadequate, but outright heretics we know already from well-documented past history. Unpleasant as it is to have to recognise the pit of heresy and stupidity in which we have fallen, we can't say we do not have the instruments, and therefore the duty, to see and understand what is happening. One day we will be called to state what we have said when we saw the Tango danced on the sanctuary, and why. To have swimmed with the tide will, I am afraid, not be much of an extenuating circumstance. What is happening is far too evident, is a work of demolition carried out with such brutality that the excuse “I had not really understood what Francis wanted to do” will not help much.

One day we will called to say what we have done.

That day, I prefer to be told I was a tad too emotional.



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  1. Well said – traditionally Catholics have been famous for their plain speaking even if it offends – OK perhaps not currently wanted by the “Church of Nice”, however our priority is to tell the truth.

  2. We share your pain Mundabor. It is hard to say such things about the Pope. We struggle with the damage our words might cause to the Papacy vs. the damage done if nothing said. No one likes saying harsh words about another (or at least shouldn’t if well formed in their faith)! Today’s culture is to be nice, originally meant as stupid – and I think today it still means the same. When truth is spoken today, most find it quite shocking and often consider it cruel and harsh. This is a defect in our societies and should be ignored. I admire and appreciate your courage for speaking the cold hard truth. Thank you again and again. Keep praying for the Holy Spirit’s discernment and courage to follow HIS lead. What ever it’s worth – I got your back. Christ’s Peace, Love and Joy!

    • When I speak in person with friends and relatives about the Pope I am less “nuanced”, but then again they are private rants in a close circle. This blog is the nicer version…


  3. Anyone familiar with the New Testament, especially the Acts of the Apostles, will know Francis is (and says) the exact opposite of Saint Peter.

    • Not many of those, either, a I am afraid. But I am sure most Francis fans know all the presenters of the “X-Factor”, and think the Dalai Lama awfully cool.


  4. North-South:
    Thanks again for a stunning and important blog posting! Now I know why I keep coming back. Your very pointed sentences, fiery and emotional at times, express what many are observing and thinking but have no words for.
    The Fight is a serious one. You must continue to give “fair warning” – and we all must push back and fight, in our own way.
    With a mery heart – rejoicing in all the differences that God gave to humans – I can say my ancestors came from Saamiland and Lapland, both above the Arctic Circle! When I was a child, I could measure a disagreement in my family by the depth of the cold deep freeze that had gripped the household. Eventually we thawed, days or weeks or years, sometimes never. Occasionally a word or two was said about an issue that had long passed, but we learned – I learned – to speak carefully lest another chill would begin.

    So….the passion in your blogging is a wonder! God knows well how much we need the fire. (Apoc. 3: 16) Your words enlighten, strengthen, and inspire!

    However, glaciers . . .also. . . move things.

    • “When I was a child….”

      I truly had to smile.

      In my family, it would have been unconceivable 😉

      Everyone reacts his own way of course, but one wonders how one’s writing translates into another cultural environment. I am glad there are people who might not have lived the atmosphere, but can relate to it.

      Glaciers are pretty slow, though… 😉


  5. Mundabor,
    I fully agree. The Church being a patriarchal institution we may legitimately compare her to a family. If the father of a family neglects his duties, beats his wife brutally and abuses his children, the family or the institution of the head of the household is not damaged by the policeman who arrests him, or by the neighbor who called the police, but by the father who did these things. In just the same way the Church and the Papacy are not damaged by the blogger calling out heresies and other errors as he sees them (in the light of the traditional teachings), but by the Pope who commits them. The child crying out emotionally against the abuses his mother, the Church, is subjected to daily, is not the problem – the heretical “fathers” who commit the abuses are.

    Keep up the good, refreshingly clear, emotional work!

  6. I have to say after many exhausting attempts at correcting the “love in the air” heretics on various “nice” blog sites, I have found the most effective weapon thus far is humour. They just don’t get it. It confuses them because they don’t know what they believe in and can’t work out if I’m being serious. Poor, poor, souls.

    One hopes and prays it loosens them up to see the stupidity and hazards in their confusion and prepares them for the stronger meat of orthodox blogs. We all have our part to play.

  7. Now wait a minute here, you Latins do not have a monopoly on strong emotion. I’m a fiery Slav and am as cheesed off and disconsolate as you!

  8. I want to thank you and encourage you to contine to speak out. This reality check is sorely needed by many of us who do see the situation. I do not know one single person in real life (clergy or laity) that has acknowledged there is anything wrong at all… May God reward you.

  9. I must be among the 4 or 5 souls who remember when you devoted your entire blog to savagely denouncing the SSPX every blogging day. Southern European emotions again: theatrical, not deep or true.

    • You must be one of the four or five most stupid readers on the planet, then, or one of those antisemitic cranks I keep banning.
      The blog can be consulted every day in its entirety using the calendar function. All the thousands of posts in it. Therefore, everyone can see whether I ever spent every blogging day savagely attacking the SSPX.
      And now the ugly truth: when your mother told you you are smart, she was lying to you.

  10. Oh sure, Mundabor, I was one of the four or five who used to read Gorilla Warfare. You remember, the blog entirely devoted to bashing the SSPX? Every blogging day, the SSPX was the enemy. Then you had a major epiphany and now the Pope is the object of your firey ho hum. Remember you wore a gorilla mask, in a suit, feet up on a desk, reading the paper on the front blog page. Then you had an epiphany and the entire blog disappeared just like it never happened. And, now here you are.

    • This is what drunkenness looks like.
      The only gorilla here is you.

      For the record, I wrote as Mundabor on the Telegraph blog as a commenter, and then started my own blog in 2010 always as Mundabor, and don’t know what you are talking about.

      Where I come from people like you are called slanderous idiots.


  11. Yes, Southern Europeans, like yourself, are not only known for being drama queens, they are also noted for their complete lack of honesty. The person who owned Gorilla Warfare was named Mundabor. He claimed to be Italian living in England. He wrote in the exact same
    style as yourself and had your exact same M.O. Why would I make this up? You know it’s true and so do the handful of people who used to go to the site. The site was entirely devoted to ridiculing the SSPX and the website Rorate Caeli. I can not believe you would deny this. How do you now believe that you have any credibility whatsoever?

    • Hmmm, let us see.
      I have googled “gorilla warfare blog” but nothing came out. Therefore, even the last possibility that you are not entirely mad and a troll, and a very stupid one at that, fails.

      Besides, even if an impostor existed who calls himself “Mundabor”, I doubt he would write, if I may say so, as finely as I do, so even an idiot like you should be able to recognise the difference.

      Moreover, when I google “Mundabor” I see tons of blogpost of mine, and I have never seen another blogger writing under the same name pen.

      I suggest sobriety, or alternatively recovery.

      It would do you a lot of good.


      P.s. Welcome in my spam folder.

  12. I know of the ‘gorilla’ writer, and his abrupt change of allegiance (Deo gratias), and I know his change was in the past 12-18 months, as I had just started reading blogs, including yours, and I was happy the man came to his senses. I will not give his avatar as he has not written in to correct the error & must wish to remain anonymous.

    I had a Finnish father, so I know well the ‘icy’ northern temperament. My mother was Irish, and theirs was an interesting relationship! My Irish (& Catholic) nature makes me sympathetic to the more fiery temperaments, although sometimes it surprises me!

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