TLM: Say “Thanks” To The SSPX

Thanks, SSPX!

And it came to pass we were informed from high places the Tridentine Mass is not in danger during the current Pontificate.

I must say I had to smile.

Firstly, I invite you to consider that in the end no one can speak for the Bishop of Rome, who will do what he thinks best (or worst) irrespective of what Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos has said, or even of what he might have said to others. There will always be a new situation that will allow him to say that new measures are now necessary.

Secondly, the reason adduced for Francis’ forbidding the priest of the FFI to celebrate the Tridentine Mass can be used ad libitum in the future. If six dissidents are reason enough to forbid 400 priests (says Wikipedia) from celebrating the Mass of the Ages, its “divisiveness” (divisiveness that is most certainly there: a good Mass and a bad Mass are opposed here, it is clear emotions will run high) can be used at a pretext at any given time to go back to the Indult regime. If memory serves (but I might be wrong) Francis has already made an “off-the-cuff” remark about the divisiveness of the Tridentine Mass as intended by the Traditionalists.

Thirdly and most importantly, Francis is, in this matter as in many others, not entirely free to do as he pleaseth. The Indult does not exist because JP II was oh so generous, but because the SSPX was stubborn to the point of heroism. If it had not been for the Society, the Tridentine Mass would have been, to all intents and purposes (though not officially, but there would have been no need for that), wiped out completely from Church life. You can think for yourself whether the Pinocchio-slash-Tango Mass Pope would keep such a “Pelagian” exercise alive if he had a real (as in: practically feasible and not dangerous for his popularity) choice.

From what has emerged up to now, it seems clear Francis is a professional of hunting with the hounds and running with the hare. He will be pro-life speaking to pro-lifers, and “not obsessed” when he wants to please the pro-death fraction. He will say that he who is not with Jesus is with the devil when he speaks to clerics, and say that one is fine to deny Jesus and follow his conscience to the atheists; he will allow himself liturgical abuses with photos all over the planet to show he is “modern”, and celebrate ad orientem when he thinks it’s time to give some bird feed to the conservative pigeons.

No. Francis isn’t fine with the Mass of the Ages. If he were free to choose, you’d have Pinocchios everywhere, and the occasional obscene dance on the Sanctuary. Rather, he has apparently decided he does not need to open this front, because the flak would be rather frightful and the SSPX would greatly profit from it.

Let us hope Francis never feels strong enough to do such a thing. Let us keep our criticism vocal, and very explicit. As Jorge Bergoglio is so much in love with Pope Francis and mindful of his popularity (I am told Miley Cyrus does the same, though in a different manner), the best way to avoid things getting worse is to be very vocal and open in our criticism of how bad they already are.

God knows they are already worse than the most pessimistic mind could have thought only nine months ago. Though strangely enough very few seem to realise it.


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  1. radjalemagnifique

    Out of context

    Radja has been very ill these last weeks and I spent most of my time carrying him to the veterinary and giving him care at home. He could not be saved (unhealable kidney disorder) and I had him to be euthanized yesterday. Today I buried him in my garden. He liked all these last days to be in my arms before the computer when I read your blog. Now, you will not get anymore a blog post signed by Raja le Magnifique. (I’m very sad.)


  2. I don’t see the Latin Mass as being “in the spirit of Vatican II”. And I don’t think Francis does either. Why would/should he? I expect Francis to lead the fold into the modern(ist) world.

  3. Yes, yes, yes.
    I think we can go a bit further and say the the SSPX is the gift from the Holy Spirit that guarentees that the Faith will survive and that the “gates of hell shall not prevail”. And the old liberals can’t do diddly squat about it. 🙂

  4. As the madness continues into its new high powered phase I can see the SSPX drawing more and more faithful Catholics away from the Post-Vat 2 Church towards a rediscovery of authentic Tradition. Already members of my family, since the advent of this papacy, now travel some distance to attend SSPX mass every Sunday. I wouldn’t have even have imagined that a year ago. And I can’t blame them because their diocese is a doctrinal and liturgical wasteland and with the arrival of Francis the hits just keep on coming.

  5. EL:

    Raja le Magnefique, a creature who followed his God-given nature purr-fectly, has returned to the Creator. May you get comfort in this knowledge. For a more scholarly analysis of our pets in relation to the Creator, see the New Oxford Review–I believe it was in the October 2013 issue.


    • radjalemagnifique

      Dear Akita-Ette,

      Thank you very much for your kind words, and especially for the little ‘jeu de mots’ « purr-fectly » which made me smile. I have not yet found the article which you mentioned, but I keep searching.

      By the way, I always appreciate your contributions to this blog. Thanks for all. And thanks to Mundabor for publishing this personal exchange.


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