Francis, The Kindergarten Modernist

With every passing month, Francis' little and big sermons reach new heights of stupidity. This time, we have reached full Kindergarten level, and one wonders how it can get any worse than this.

Follow here how Francis reduces Christianity to a mere dispensing machine of blessings in life, and beatitude after life, without any warning to his listeners that things can go in the other direction, too. In Francis' world, heaven clearly is the universal destination. If the worst is scolding, hell is clearly not an option.

Before I go in detail please consider this: it is integral part of Francispeak to never say it to 100%, provided the message he wants to send goes out. This is done to appease the Pollyannas. An old modernist trick.

We are, therefore, informed God may be able to scold us, but not to “slap” or anyway “hurt” us. What about being thrown in the flames of hell, there to be consumed by everlasting fire for all eternity? Does this in any way “hurt” us, I wonder? And when people get sexually transmitted diseases, or sodomites AIDS, or gluttons diabete: what is this, a gentle scolding? Obviously, not everyone who gets a disease or some other big reverse is being punished. In fact, it is often difficult to say whether, when life kicks us in the balls, it is meant to be a punishment, or a blessing, or both. Still, no Christian could ever deny God can punish people horribly already in this life, and punish them in in infinitely more terrible way in the next.

This man has, literally, no fear of the Lord. Not concerning this life, not concerning the next one. This just isn't Christianity, this is feel-good waffle for children in the kindergarten; albeit I can clearly recollect when I was in kindergarten we were told all about heaven and hell, and did not have any problem in grasping the truth and elementary logic of it. Evidently, Francis' adults are more childish than kindergarten children of only some decades ago.

The rest of the linked article goes in the same vein: the only thing God does is heal, console, caress. Nowhere is the other way mentioned. This is an imaginary, heathen god consisting entirely of mercy, and with no trace of justice; a heathen god, therefore, deprived of goodness, because without justice there can be no goodness.

Besides, the concept that putting oneself in God's hand be the harbinger of “maximum security” sounds, in this Kindergarten context, very Protestant. The reader cannot escape a very strong impression every sodomite is saved by simply putting himself, without repenting a bit, in the hands of this unconditionally caressing, never-slapping god. I trust in you, therefore you save me. Those living in public adultery will, at this point, be logically unable to understand why they should be denied communion: hey, they go to Mass every Sunday and are oh so trustful in God and in their good conscience: why should God not “caress” them by coming to them in the Holy Communion?

The article linked to is not a literal reporting of the entire sermon. Yesterday I have read another article based on this, and it pretty much sings the same song. Let me make it clear that I have no doubt that somewhere, hidden in Francis' world, there is some obscure hint that God also metes Justice. But this is not the point. The point is that this heatenish, kindergarten god of Francis is the one relentlessly advertised, and it is simply inconceivable – both because of the choice of words and of the frequency of the message – that this is not exactly what Francis wants.

We notice here once again a method widely employed also in politics: a sermon is made, but in this sermon there is a particularly tasteful “mouthful”, which is there with the express task to make the headlines. In this case, the one with the God “unable to slap us” – so striking because so evidently flying in the face of two thousand years of Christianity – is the desired mouthful.

Let us also not say that Francis is fine because countless saints of the past have stressed God's mercy. Of course they did. But you will never find a saint of the past leading you to believe God is not both mercy and justice. In addition, those past saints lived and operated in a world in which every child of seven had a very clear concept of what hell is, and was very conscious he might end up there one day. This is not the case today, thanks to the army of Bergoglini who have been sabotaging the very concept of hell for the past 50 years.

This works of sabotage continues now from the very top, with the Pope himself making every effort to eradicate every fear of the Lord, every concept of justice, and every possibility of hell: a hell that has already been declared as excluding atheists in ” good conscience”, and could therefore never include those who do nothing more than believe God will take them out of trouble because hey, that's what he always wanted, eh, no?

This isn't Christianity at all. Rather a “recreational drug” for the stupid and the easily self-deluded, making the way to hell so much broader for them as it leads them to believe all roads lead in the end to heaven provided one does such easy things as following his conscience (possibly the easiest thing on the planet if one can shape his conscience according to wish) or, for “maximum security”, “trusting in God”.

Beware of Bergoglism.



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  1. AMAZING is it not that very few times HELL is preached …..from the oulpit in many of our parishes …traditional or from the local parish ….it is frightening to say the least.
    Our Lady showed the 3 shepherd children HELL where people go…and they were falling in like snowflakes and the 3 children said they would have died of fright if Our Blessed Mother did not tell them they would go to heaven .
    Today Hell is not preached …sin is not taught or preached either ……why everyone is going to Heaven …God would never send anyone to hell….wrong !
    God is a God of justice also …and calls for OBEDIENCE to His Church and His Laws …..

  2. One nevers seems to hear of the Holy Trinity in modernist indoctrination. I think this is a good daily remedy against possible infection. 🙂

  3. For it is a people that provoketh to wrath, and lying children, children that will not hear the law of God.

    Who say to the seers: See not: and to them that behold: Behold not for us those things that are right: speak unto us pleasant things, see errors for us.

    Take away from me the way, turn away the path from me, let the Holy One of Israel cease from before us.

    Therefore thus saith the Holy One of Israel: Because you have rejected this word, and have trusted in oppression and tumult, and have leaned upon it:

    Therefore shall this iniquity be to you as a breach that falleth, and is found wanting in a high wall, for the destruction thereof shall come on a sudden, when it is not looked for.

    Isaiah 30:9-13

  4. In April Pope Francis taught in General Audience: “may looking at the Last Judgement never frighten us”.

    Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus de Liguori taught the opposite, especially for sinful priests:

    And unto whom, says Jesus Christ, much is given, of him much shall be required. The author of the “Imperfect Work” says, “On the day of judgment the secular will receive the priestly stole, but the sinful priest will be deprived of the priestly dignity, and ranked among infidels and hypocrites.” Hear ye this, O priests! says the Prophet Osee, . . . for there is judgment against you.
    And as the judgment of priests is most rigorous, so also shall their damnation be most miserable. With a double destruction destroy them, says Jeremias. A Council of Paris repeats these words of St. Jerome, already cited: “Great is the dignity of priests, but if they happen to fall into sin, very great will also be their ruin.” And St. John Chrysostom says, ” If a priest were to commit only the sins of which the simple faithful become guilty, he would incur not a similar but a more rigorous chastisement.”
    It was revealed to St. Bridget that priests who are sinners ” will find themselves deeper in hell than all the other damned.” Oh! how great the rejoicing of the devils when a priest enters hell ?
    All hell is in confusion to meet the priest who comes. Hell below, says Isaias, was in an uproar to meet thee at thy coming.


    Click to access LiguoriDignityDutiesPriest.pdf

    • Ah, he works on his own salvation without fear and without trembling.
      A true follower of St. Paul.
      One begins to understand why all the rubbish, though.
      I simply thinks he will get away with it.

  5. It’s easy to understand Francis if one abandons the notion that he is a religious or spiritual person and just looks at him instead as being a liberal, big tent politician who wants to be thought of as spiritual.

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