Well Said, Pope!

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien

As to be hated needs but to be seen;

Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face

We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

Alexander Pope

(From this very interesting article).


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  1. A very scholarly article written by Ms. Engel. I hope she really did send it to Pope Francis. Yes, I share her observation that for Francis to use the words coprophilia and corprophagia is interesting indeed. Why the choice of those specific words so illustrative of what is a common and graphic theme in homosexual pornography?

    • I think it’s because, living in contact with the Perversion of the favela, he is acquanted with Homosexual perversion at the point of being desensitised. His behaviour with Ricca can only be explained that way.

      He is a man able to stay in contact and phone every week with the adulterous woman who seduced an Argentinian bishop. Trifles like public adultery do not cause in him any discomfort. I doubt he ever made any attempt to convert her. Hey, God scolds us at most, what’s to be feared….


    • Wow, I think that Francis tipped his hand there, just as if someone were to make knowledgable comments about narcotics prices – you’d wonder right away what they had been involved in. The question is whether the knowledge in second hand from a close acquaintance or something more. This is big. Very psychiatric.

  2. Instead of being oblique, why don’t I just bring it up plainly… Is Francis the first homosexual pope? When he talks about overlooking the sins of youth, is he forgiving himself (being no longer personally practicing homosexuality)? Did his parents pressure him into the priesthood to try and cure him? Does this explain his obsession with tango (the men-with-men kind being the real attraction, and full of fond memories for him)? His obsession with upholding “marginalized” people? His obvious lobbying to make homosexuals acceptable?

    The answer, in my mind, is more-likely-than-not a big “Yes”. In fact, this would already have been openly discussed all over the world for months, were it not for the fact that most people are terrified of being branded as a “homophobic bigot”. That terror is well founded, to be sure, because the powerful forces of politically-correct ‘tolerance’ will indeed try to ruin the lives of anyone who opposes them.

    • My answer is a resounding “no”. He would have been exposed long ago, already as archbishop and Cardinal. If no other, the SSPX, who are strong in Argentina, would have cared for that.
      Rather, I think the verses of Alexander Pope apply to a man who probably never had a grounded idea of what Catholicism is.


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