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Another “Francis Effect”

Adviser of the Pope.

I am sorry that most blog posts now deal with Pope Diana. I would like to write far more about other issues, but I end up writing mainly about Francis. This I do for the following reasons:

1. I see what is happening as absolutely historic, a period that will be remembered in infamy for thousand of years to come. Francis is a plague comparable to John XXII – if probably not quite there, yet -, and I cannot find another period as troubled as this unless I look at Arianism, or at the XVI Century. It seems to me that the antics of a Pope let all the rest pale in comparison.

2. I do not see on the blogosphere anywhere near the number of scandalised reactions that I would like to read. Rather, the default “he is the Pope, so he must be right” reaction is still by far prevalent. The more I read pro-Francis waffle around, the more I want to put in my two cents.

3. The frequency with which the man spreads his senseless Bergoglism is breathtaking; he is all over the place, literally and figuratively. Every time one of his “events” take place one must point out what he has said, what it means that he has not corrected himself, why the groupies don't understand, and what is happening as a result of Francis' senseless talking.

It's a lot of blogging. Still, I can't keep pace with Francis' antics. There was no time to write a blog post about the Almoner now officially sent around to say “look how good Francis is”, so I did it in short and en passant whilst writing about something else. Ricca is still there, but I do not get to find the time to expand on what this means for the morality of the entire establishment. Ms Chaouqui, the “adviser”, would have merited a blog post or two, though this might have involved posing some questions about Francis' possibly all-too-developed fantasy (and yes, she is a vulgar beauty: she must remind him of some young woman in the favela).

I have followed closely the entire Limburg mess, and there was no time to write about it in a comprehensive manner (a complex mess, that one). There are many passages in Francis' interview, letters or rambling that should be commented upon. The fallout effect is getting bigger every day, and it's also linked to Francis.

There is no time, and one must prioritise. It seems to me that the absolute priority is to try to work, as far as I can, against the madness of a Pope who can't conceive hell even for most atheists, and can't conceive God even “slapping” anyone; and will therefore contribute to countless souls getting exactly there: to hell, all the while singing sugary song and feeling oh so godly in their “inclusive” “conscience”.



Repubblica Interview: Taking Down From Vatican Site Is By Far Not Enough

Nothing but the truth...

We are now happily informed that the notorious, heretical interview with Eugenio Scalfari has been taken down from the Vatican site.

Well, it certainly shows the embarrassment had gone beyond what even a Teflon Man like Francis considers acceptable, but make no mistake: this is too little and too late. Utterly pathetic, and utterly predictable, is the attempt to attribute the taking down on the side to the fact that “it turned out” the interview was not recorded. Because, you see, Francis is blind, stupid and illiterate: he can't see, he can't read a newspaper, he is too gaga to know what he says, too imbecile to realise no one is recording or taking notes, he is even too far gone to realise something has gone wrong when all his collaborators whisper in his ears, in the polite and hushed Vatican manner, “what the Ricca”.

I still miss a word of correction, much less apology. I still miss an official declaration of this Tango Pope stating all the points in which he was wrong, and what Catholic teaching is instead. The damage is now done, and nothing short of an abiura as widely publicised as the original interview will do anything to remedy to the mess Francis and Francis alone, out of his uncontrolled infatuation for Pope Francis, has caused.

Methinks, though, this is another mouthful of bird feed that Francis throws to his unbelievably un-discerning pigeons: they will now be able to say: “Look! The entire planet knows of this interview and what the Pope said, but it has now been taken down from the website! What a wonderful Pope we have! The Holy Ghost must be making overtime!” Yeah, because the homosexualists, abortionists and assorted liberals all visit the Vatican site first thing in the morning, right?

Besides, all those who have defended the interview exactly as it appeared now have some explaining to do: it isn't often that the Vatican takes down the words from a Pope from the Vatican site because the stench is too much to bear.

How is it they found the smell so attractive?



“Keep The Customer Satisfied”: Cardinal Schönborn and the Kirchensteuer

Mundabor's Blog

In order to try to understand what is happening in Austria, it is perhaps useful to inform the readers about a peculiarity of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In these countries, you can pay a kind of voluntary tax, or more simply said a tithe, through your normal income tax. This is called Kirchensteuer in Germany and Switzerland, and Kirchenbeitrag in Austria.

This means that:

1) the taxman will do everything for you, and give the money to the relevant church;

2) Once you have registered for the tax, you’ll pay automatically in proportion to your income tax (Germany) or to your taxable income (Austria);

3) In Germany, the procedure to get out of the tax was considered, last time I looked, bureaucratic and unpleasant, so that there is a kind of psychological/administrative disincentive to the dreaded Kirchenaustritt, the getting out of the system.

In the countries where it is…

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Francis Cyrus

Those who will not believe will be… Scolded?

We are now informed Francis is the most searched name on the Internet, and more popular than (oh wonder of wonders) the hammer-licking slut, Miley Cyrus. I do not doubt there will be people who considers this something positive, so it’s better to correct them whilst I can.

A Pope is supposed to be unpopular, not popular. He is supposed to be hated by the world, and be totally uncaring of it. If we measure the health of the Holy Church by the popularity it has in the world, we are on the way to perdition.

Miley Cylus is a slut, prostituting her public persona to her boundless ambition and desire for popularity. This would be despicable in everyone, but it is even more so in a young woman who at her early age already has no financial worries of any sort.

Francis isn’t (mutatis mutandis, of course) better than Miley Cyrus. He is, in fact, worse, because if Francis does not go around licking huge hammers – though you never know who among his buddies, like Monsignor Ricca, might do it; but hey, who am I to judge? – and exhibiting himself in lascivious dances, the much higher standards to which he is bound and his infinitely more important public role make his transgressions of far bigger consequence. There are many sluts around, but only one Pope.

Now, let us see: why is Francis so popular? Because he is, in a way, the Miley Cyrus of Catholicism, giving worldwide scandal to please the masses asking for transgression and excitement. In a world in which one becomes “popular” by having videos on the Internet of their bed performances, popularity cannot be any indication of anyone doing anything good. If Francis does not dance lascivious dances, he had them danced in the sanctuary, after Mass, as a Cardinal. If he does not lick hammers, he is giving a licking to sound Catholic teaching day in and day out. Miley Cyrus isn’t supposed to be a model of orthodoxy, the Pope is supposed not to be anything else.

Francis is popular among those liberals who look with huge satisfaction at his work of destruction, and among those Catholics who are so blind they would plaud him if he were to create extermination camps for Traditionalists and assorted “Pelagians”, saying the Holy Ghost must have “guided” him to do so. Why is it so surprising that Francis is “popular”? He is a disgrace of a a Pope, of course he is popular! If he were to lick hammers on TV in a duet with Miley Cyrus he would not become less popular, but more! Much more! Ah, how “relevant” would Catholicism be, then!

How people can believe popularity among the masses of heathenish idiots and confused Catholics may ever be anything good, is beyond me.

Jesus was much hated. Hated to the point of persecution, and death on the Cross. If you side with Christ, the world will hate you. If the world loves you like the next singer slut, you must ask yourself with whom you are siding.

Beware of the wolves in Miley Cyrus’ (scant) clothes. And without the Mozzetta.


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