Repubblica Interview: Taking Down From Vatican Site Is By Far Not Enough

Nothing but the truth...

We are now happily informed that the notorious, heretical interview with Eugenio Scalfari has been taken down from the Vatican site.

Well, it certainly shows the embarrassment had gone beyond what even a Teflon Man like Francis considers acceptable, but make no mistake: this is too little and too late. Utterly pathetic, and utterly predictable, is the attempt to attribute the taking down on the side to the fact that “it turned out” the interview was not recorded. Because, you see, Francis is blind, stupid and illiterate: he can't see, he can't read a newspaper, he is too gaga to know what he says, too imbecile to realise no one is recording or taking notes, he is even too far gone to realise something has gone wrong when all his collaborators whisper in his ears, in the polite and hushed Vatican manner, “what the Ricca”.

I still miss a word of correction, much less apology. I still miss an official declaration of this Tango Pope stating all the points in which he was wrong, and what Catholic teaching is instead. The damage is now done, and nothing short of an abiura as widely publicised as the original interview will do anything to remedy to the mess Francis and Francis alone, out of his uncontrolled infatuation for Pope Francis, has caused.

Methinks, though, this is another mouthful of bird feed that Francis throws to his unbelievably un-discerning pigeons: they will now be able to say: “Look! The entire planet knows of this interview and what the Pope said, but it has now been taken down from the website! What a wonderful Pope we have! The Holy Ghost must be making overtime!” Yeah, because the homosexualists, abortionists and assorted liberals all visit the Vatican site first thing in the morning, right?

Besides, all those who have defended the interview exactly as it appeared now have some explaining to do: it isn't often that the Vatican takes down the words from a Pope from the Vatican site because the stench is too much to bear.

How is it they found the smell so attractive?



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  1. Head’s up.

    Great video from Michael Voris.

    Takeaway line, “popes can be heretics” and “all heresy’s emanated from the clerical class”.

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