Francis’ Favourites: A Gallery


Monsignor Ricca, the creepy scandalous sodomite at the head of the Vatican Bank: who is he to judge?


Maria Immacolata Chaouqui, a rather sluttish E & Y consultant now promoted to “adviser” of the Pope. St Catherine of Siena, she ain’t.



Rabbi Skorka, the infidel who is in favour of so-called same sex couples. Closest buddy evah.


Clelia Luro, who left her husband to become the concubine of a former Catholic bishop. Phone call every week. Recently passed away.


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  1. Omitted from the above list: his favorite exorcist, a Lutheran.

  2. I am from Uruguay, my english is not very good but will try to tell you something about Ricca, I remember when Ricca was living here, his scandals were terrible, his adventures with men were the talk of the town, I didn’t meet him but know people who did and they told me he was very effeminate, some people said they could not believe he was a priest, he had a man who was always with him and everyone said he was his boyfriend, young men always asked for him in the hotel where he lived, and he shamelessly complimented young men in front of other people, some people were infuriated by this, but many were simply amused and there were many jokes about this. There were too many stories about Ricca all disgustingly scandalous ranging from being arrested in a filthy gay sauna to ending up in a hospital with ” very special injuries” when he left people forgot all about this but recently when we heard about Ricca again because of Francis then everyone here started to recall the “Ricca affair” suddendly all people, even those who never knew his name were saying “do you remember that scandalous gay priest? well he’s Ricca the friend of the Pope”.

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