Pope Pius X, Not “Off-The-Cuff”

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The text below comes from a time when Popes were not ashamed to call themselves, and be called, the Pope.

Their authority came not only from their office, but from the way they exercised it. And they felt obliged to transmit intact the deposit of the Faith, and to use it to understand a changing world and face the challenges of turbulent times. They never demanded that the Catholic way of thinking adapt itself to the world. Rather, they demanded that the world adapt to it.

A beautiful example is “Our Apostolic Mandate”, the letter to the French bishops with which St. Pope Pius X moved decisively against the Sillon

The soundness of thinking and the clarity of language are very far away from the waffling of our times. There are no circiterisms. There are no appeals to emotions. This is not something written so that people feel good…

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