Christmas… Party?

Am I the only one who is solemnly angered at all this “party and fun thing” now commonly linked to Christmas here in the United Kingdom?

Where I come from there was a Christmas lunch or dinner, festive but dignified. In the United Kingdom there is inordinate boozing – or worse – enthusiastically promoted by people who do not even know – lots of infidels here – who Christ is, but can do the boozing thing at a professional level anyway. You would think Muslims have more respect for Christman than many baptised people.

The same goes for Sky TV, now advertising everywhere the coming shows with the very profound slogan “Christmas is coming”.


Yesterday the usual idiot of Classic FM (the British version of Berkeley liberals, though the music is fine) was telling us how “wonderful” Benjamin Britten's sodomitical relationship was.

They broadcast sacred music all the time. Faggots.

Christianity is becoming pure ornament, a vague remembrance of a socially “backward” past, or just that time of year when people shop a lot, and party hard.

Let us put Christ back in Christmas.


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  1. Let’s Keep Christ and The Mass in Cristes Maesse and let’s not get tricked into adopting the protestant slogan which promotes Christ while rejecting His Mass

  2. Let’s put the Mass back into Christmas

  3. felicitasperpetua

    On this side of the Atlantic the “Holiday Season” offers many opportunities for mortification. Advent is when our heathen neighbors work themselves into a shopping and feasting frenzy starting on the day after Thanksgiving. In addition to the hordes of homicidal maniacs infesting the shops, the piped holiday muzak, and the blinding glare of decorations there is the “holiday party” gauntlet which calls for going out at night after a long day at work (often in -10F weather!) in order to engage in some job-mandated “holiday cheer” over plastic snacks and diet coke.

    My only consolation is that these annoyances are meritorious if endured in a spirit of penance. Moreover, on January 2 the heathens crash from the heights of their Saturnalian frenzy when the bills arrive and they get stricken by every virus known to man, allowing for some peace and quiet for the Epiphany.

    The barbarians have trashed Christmas beyond recognition and they have WalMart on their side. We won’t have much success at wresting it back unless the credit runs out. Rather, let’s restore the Epiphany to its former place of eminence.

  4. The word for Christmas in late Old English is Cristes Maesse, the Mass of Christ, first found in 1038, and Cristes-messe, in 1131.

    Catholic Encyclopedia.

    I have a magnetic bumper sticker that reads that way and I put in on my car during Christmastide. It’s my New Evangelisation

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