Francis Discovers Hail Marys Counting

I received a rather interesting link from a reader.

The link is in Spanish, but an Italian can understand what this is about: small package of a “medicine” have been distributed, with the Pope’s recommendation to take on epill a day (if I understand correctly) “as a preventative measure”, but otherwise “as many as the soul needs”. The package contains a rosary, and what I understand might be a small leaflet with praying instructions.

Now, it is rather childish that a Pope should put a rosary in people’ hand and not suggest that they pray… the rosary; apparently thinking that the Hail Mary is for them something painful or difficult to swallow, that must be taken in small doses at the beginning. Still, I notice two things:

1) Rosaries, unspoken of in my age, will be mentioned to millions who see them on TV. I even got years of Catholic instructions at school and no one ever told me what a rosary is, much less that I should pray it.

2) Obviously, counting is implied in the exercise of praying the rosary. Whilst Francis does not care for contradicting himself – perhaps he doesn’t even notice; I think he often talks without being in the least concerned of what he says – this is at least a good contradiction. Many came home holding in their pocket a rosary, and I am rather sure many of those did not even know what a rosary is before getting one in the hand. The counting of prayers, and then the counting of rosaries, will come from itself.

I have the impression that Francis is listening to those who say to him he has made a mess of things once too often and must now correct the course, sharpish. I am under no illusion – and will think it until contrary evidence – that this correction is not the fruit of conversion, but of the necessity to carry on with his modernist program in a rather more refined way than he did up to now, having seen that the bulldozer strategy does not work much, makes of him a clown – when he does not do it voluntarily himself -, procures him the hostility of some within the curia and, in general, backfires rather brutally.

We will see whether the next months bring us a Pope more willing to be Catholic – or to learn Catholicism – or whether this is merely a refinement of the strategy of confusion so typical of the Modernist.

We must keep praying for him, but we must keep vigilant too.

This one is not one to trust.


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  1. Mundabor, have you seen the photo of Francis with a rosary hanging from his ear? This made my stomach turn. It would’ve been one thing is there had been a playful toddler on his lap. But lacking the toddler, it was rather bizarre.

  2. Francis has gone Pelegian on us, say it ain’t so 😉

  3. Just to clear up some confusion that has been spread through the Spanish link – it is not the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary that Pope Francis has recommended but the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The “medicine box” contains a picture of the Divine Mercy and an instruction leaflet. Although a normal set of rosary beads is used, the prayers are completely different. See There is no repetition of Hail Marys.

    Readers should know that the writings of Sr Faustina were placed on the Index of Forbidden Books by Pope Pius XII and the devotion was further prohibited by Pope John XXIII through the Holy Office as a danger to souls. The reason was that it lacked credibility as being of divine origin and that it encouraged the faithful to expect an unconditional mercy and a judgement-free passage to heaven. The devotion makes no mention of the necessity for penance and reparation for sin, whether our own or others’.

    The devotion does not represent Catholic spirituality and deflects attention away from the Four Last Things – Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell – that were etched into the psyche of every traditional Catholic.

    It was John Paul II who turned the tables on his predecessors and reinstated the devotion with the canonization of Sr Faustina.

    • Thanks Carol, I do know the chaplet but it does really is a shame that an occasion was lost to distribute the Rosary instead.

      I am not a fan of the Divine Mercy myself, as from what I have read it promises deliverance from purgatory in a shockingly easy manner, which in the end makes in my eyes too light of the concept itself of purgatory. You might have noticed I never promote this devotion on my blog, and keep calling the first sunday after Easter dominica in albis.

      Still, it is a recognised devotion and the Vatican claims the first translation was very bad and gave rise to errors which then turned out to be not based in reality.

      Again, whilst I am not a fan I cannot take what the Vatican says the revelations do not say for what other people say that they say.


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