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The Greatest Threat Of Our Age?

This time, the nuns were really angry.

This time, the nuns were really angry.




With shock and sadness I must inform my readers of a very worrying event.

“North Korea has recently stated that they have the ability to attach an LCWR nun to a long-range missile that could target South Korea and the U.S. mainlands”.

Read the rest on the always stellar “Eye of the Tiber”.


Evangelii Gaudium: Mundabor Not Called To Evangelise, Says ++ Fisichella.

The first Apostolic Exhortation of this pontificate, Evangelii Gaudium, (more “joy” coming our way, I am afraid. Rejoice!) will be released in the next days. We read the following:

Pope Francis will deliver the exhortation to “a bishop, a priest, a deacon, religious men and women, novices, a family, catechists, artists, journalists, young people, the elderly and the sick” noted Archbishop Rino Fisichella.


“Namely,” he continued, “it will be delivered to all those in various stages of life, who as Christians, are called to be evangelizers.”

I suspect there must be some translation problem here, because even I know more than one priest, etc.

But please read who are those “called to evangelise”: all very fashionable categories, but yours truly is none of them, unless you think he makes “a family” (well, I am part of one; but then absolutely everyone is, so in this sense it makes no sense to make distinctions in the first place).

Not graced with youth, yet not entered into old age; gracefully spared (as of writing) from sickness; thankfully blessed with not being a journalist; sadly not endowed with any artistic sense (love for true art, yes; but love for cheese does not a cheesemonger make), and not part of any of the other professional categories, yours truly feel he can relax and avoid the reading of the documents. Which I fear horrible, anyway. 

I hear the sound of Stephen Colbert’s “liturgical dance” already…


Mundabor’s “Abortion Obsession Day”.

Mundabor's Blog

I admit it.

I am, in Francis’ words, “obsessed” with abortion.

My bad.

In order to show my clear and manifold guilt ( including, in case you doubt it, my “restorationism”, my “pelagianism”, my “legalism”, my “certainties”, my “triumphalism” and my many other “isms” Francis does not like), I publish below the link to a small (the operative word here is: small) number of posts against abortion I have written. I have stopped at twenty, because the search function will allow you to find many more if you so wish.

Read away at your pleasure. 

The fact is, some of us do care.

I know. It’s bad. With all the murderous gossiping around, we should have other priorities.

I am so obsessed, in fact, that I have declared this one the “Abortion Obsession Day”.

On this day, there will be only one topic: abortion. 

If any other are as obsessed…

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The Fag Prodigy And The Vatican

In another blunder, probably not unintentional, the Vatican has awarded a young faggot an honour for some medical advancement I do not even care to copy and paste here.

I do not know whether this is an attempt to show “faggotry friendliness” or just that the people responsible did not know the young chap is a homo, but there you are, “Vatican honours “gay” scientist” is now everywhere.

Now, it is not known to me the Vatican pre V II ever honoured Soviet scientists, or Nazi medical researchers. Why? Because to honour a single accomplishment – even if useful in himself – would have meant to unavoidably further, or be seen to further, the much bigger ideological issue behind the fact.

If one is a Communist, he must not receive any honour, period. Why? Because it’s not honourable to be a Communist, it’s an infamy.

The same applies to sexual perverts, like this young chap. To honour him means to allow him to further promote his diabolical agenda. Those who honour vocal perverts simply make the work of the devil.

This was a big mistake. The Church is there to promote Catholicism, not faggotry.



Finally, Francis Criticises Himself

Human sacrifice, XXI Century Style

Oh well, perhaps soon-to-be Cardinal Mueller is managing to inject some (as in: some) sound Catholicism in the man's head.

Whilst Francis is still problematic, at least this time we had an improvement.

In today’s world, the Holy Father stated that the thought that all must be the same, that one must be “more normal” is brought forward by this adolescent progressivism. Referring to the readings account that those who did not follow the Law were condemned to death, the Holy Father stated that it is something done even in today’s modern world.“But do you this that today this is not done, human sacrifices?” he asked. “So many are done, so many! And there are laws that protect them.”However, despite the unfaithfulness in the world, Pope Francis said that God continues to be faithful and forgives those who are repentant.

“Adolescent progressivism” is a good description of what Francis has been doing basically without interruption since that disgraceful day in March. I dare to hope – because I am an incurable optimist – that this is Francis' way to say that there will be no more attempts – or at the least none so extreme – to appear “more normal”.

In a possible confirmation of the above, Francis takes out of his sleeve a rather powerful image: human sacrifices. The words themselves and the other reference, that such “human sacrifices” are protected by laws, seems to indicate that he is referring to abortion and euthanasia (remember: euthanasia is protected by law in some countries, like Switzerland and Belgium; whilst other countries like Britain do not show interest in prosecuting the relatives and enablers). The problem with this phrase is that Francis does not say so. Apparently he is fine with “who am I to judge” headlines, but “abortion is a human sacrifice protected by law, says Pope” is a headline he does not want to see. Very judgmental, you see.

Not being a sensation, this speech will not make the world headlines, whilst “abortion is a human sacrifice” would have done it without a doubt. A pity. On the other hand, Francis will remain popular among those who do not read Catholic outlets (basically, the planet).

Still, one notices an improvement. We are near to listening to the Bishop of Rome speaking like… a Pope here. Perhaps he has simply read a speech written by others rather than substituting it with his own … adolescent progressivism. Or perhaps today is “feed the pigeons day”. Perhaps, though, he is making an effort.

A third positive sign comes from the explicit mention of repentance as a prerequisite for forgiveness. Again, this is a welcome change from the sub-kindergarten deity up to now smuggled by Francis as the God of the Christians to atheists, infidels and apostates of all shades; and again, this is not enough, because the warning about God's justice is still remarkably absent and remains merely implicit.

Is something happening in Francis' papacy? Has he started to listen to the least bad among the people near him, and has he perhaps realised keeping the course of the first seven months will make of him an object of shame and derision for all centuries to come?

Perhaps. Let us hope so. Let us pray that it is so.

But let us not abandon ourselves to irrational optimism, either. Modernists love to deceive, and to mix the heretical statements with the orthodox ones. We will only be able to say that Francis has changed his tune and the style of his papacy when we see him consistently expressing himself in an orthodox way: renouncing to the adolescent progressivism, the shameless promotion of his own humility, and the clownesque attitude, and accepting to be hated by the world for his defence of Catholicism.

One is happy to register an improvement. But really, one “human sacrifice” statement does not a good Pope make.



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