Mundabor’s “Abortion Obsession Day”.

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I admit it.

I am, in Francis’ words, “obsessed” with abortion.

My bad.

In order to show my clear and manifold guilt ( including, in case you doubt it, my “restorationism”, my “pelagianism”, my “legalism”, my “certainties”, my “triumphalism” and my many other “isms” Francis does not like), I publish below the link to a small (the operative word here is: small) number of posts against abortion I have written. I have stopped at twenty, because the search function will allow you to find many more if you so wish.

Read away at your pleasure. 

The fact is, some of us do care.

I know. It’s bad. With all the murderous gossiping around, we should have other priorities.

I am so obsessed, in fact, that I have declared this one the “Abortion Obsession Day”.

On this day, there will be only one topic: abortion. 

If any other are as obsessed…

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  1. During the Pontificate of Pope John Paul ii Pavarotti had a singing engagement at the Vatican cancelled and was prevented from further engagements there because of his
    relationship with his mistress. He died in 2007 after an unsuccessful fight against his pancreatic cancer. Strange, that this young man’s talents can be recognized by the Vatican in spite of his open admission to being gay, by which I assume he means he is open to , if not already practicing the gay life style… and even now states he believes the Vatican is of like mind.

    • Once he openly gives scandal and espouses Satan’s cause, it should be branded the pervert that he is even if he did not practice sodomy.
      Which, in case, I am sure does not depend on him.

      Perhaps Cardinal Mahony could give the boy the address of four of five priests of his acquaintance able and willing to sleep with a 16 year old boy?


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