Beyond Nazism: Amanda Marcotte

Marcotte clearly reduces him to mere amateur: Heinrich Himmler.

If you think rabid pro-death feminists are like Nazis, you can change your mind now: they are much worse.

The Twitter exchange in the link provided shows for this woman the defence of an unborn baby is on the same plane as the defence of bacteria: if you are against abortion, you must be against antibiotics. An abortion kills one living being, antibiotics kill a vast number of them.

It chills your blood.

Even Dr Goebbels, in his famous – and authentic – diaries, shows himself conscious of the loss of human lives caused by the Holocaust, describing it as something “you’ve got to do”. As monsters go, you’d think Goebbels and Himmler are pretty much at the top.

Still,a I can’t imagine the Himmler and Goebbels of this world simply equating, in public, a human life to bacteria.

The evidence of that is that the German people were lulled for years with documentaries about the happy life deported Jews were living as, say, farmers in the Ucraine, which would never have happened in the case of the equation Jews=bacteria.

Not here: this satanical Marcotte female really makes the argument.

May she repent and heaven forgiven her before it’s too late. Someway, I think the odds aren’t very good.


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  1. Abortion is a great smokescreen for the homosexual movement since some who are progressive about the homosexual advancement cause in the Church and in the State are also pro-life. When selection time comes for advancement in the Church, clergy can flaunt their pro-life speeches past and present, but where were they when the liberal politicians were advancing, and when voting time came near did they sequester Priests who spoke loudly and clearly on both issues ( homosexuality and abortion) , or did they just “decry” the final passage of outrageous laws. Did they forbid , discourage or punish priests who sometimes spoke clearly about the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and birth control. Did they forbid clear voting guides from being distributed and allow only their own confusing ones? Surely the Clergy who may have done this could not be homosexuals themselves, and even if they are, is it not just the homosexual “acts” that are to condemned and which one of us can produce the pictures or has checked their ID cards for this evidence for these “acts”? I ask what other label are we to give the other “acts” I have just described????

  2. My question is this: how can I explain my disgust without use of a few basic anglo saxon phrases that will lead to me being kicked off? If in doubt, quote.

    Psalm One.

    4 Non sic impii non sic sed tamquam pulvis quem proicit ventus a facie terrae (Not so the wicked, not so: but like the dust, which the wind driveth from the face of the earth.)
    5 Ideo non resurgent impii in iudicio neque peccatores in consilio iustorum ((Therefore the wicked shall not rise again in judgment: nor sinners in the council of the just).
    6 Quoniam novit Dominus viam iustorum et iter impiorum peribit ( For the Lord knoweth the way of the just: and the way of the wicked shall perish).

    This woman is one of the living dead. To call her a zombie is to insult the directors of horror movies. Don’t be like her.

    And if she belongs to a confessing church, then consistory need to consider if they should withold the comfort of the sacraments from her until repentance.

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