Obama, The Muslim Atheist

The last controversy about Obama choosing to keep God out of his rendition of the Gettysburg Address is another very telling indicator of how the mind (or what takes that name) of this man works.

Who would, believing in the Holy Trinity, do everything possible and impossible to expunge God from every public statement? Nobody, is the easy answer. Lame excuses of wanting to “respect” those who do not believe in God are as stupid as wanting to follow the rules of Ramadan so that the colleague near you is not offended at seeing you having lunch, but then again one like that would obviously leave God in the Gettysburg address so that the Christians are not offended, too.

It is evident to everyone with a brain that for a Christian to want to expunge God from the public sphere is tantamount to be ashamed of his faith; which no Christian could ever, in conscience, be, so that of this man we could only say that he has lost his faith.

We will, therefore, have to conclude that such a man is an enemy of Christianity, bent on sabotaging it from the comfortable spot of his convenient Christian facade.

Obama, the son of an early example of liberal college slut, certainly did not get any religious education from his mother, or from his anyway absent father. He grew up in a Muslim environment, and attended schools – I am informed – reserved to Muslims, which means he either was considered such, or was such, or certainly did not have anything speaking for his being a Christian. When millions in the West were listening to the bells of the local church, he heard – and stated he is still very fond of – the call of the Muezzin. When he went back to the US – after being abandoned by his mother, too; such are liberal parents – he was raised by his grandparents, and particularly his grandmother, whose liberal ideas are well known and, by the way, clearly shown in the daughter they raised.

But did young Barry improve when he went back to the “country under God”, the United States? Not really.

His Christian facade was the one of a rabidly racist preacher, Jeremiah Wright, a man from whom even Obama at some point had to distance himself, and only after repeated controversy. Is this a good Christian credential? Not likely.

Does he attend church now that he has – finally – canned Wright? Very rarely; apparently a couple of times a year, on those TV occasions. Does he defend Christian values? Never. He would have his daughters abort if they were “punished with a baby” (my words, not his: punished. with. a. baby), and what he calls Christian values are without exceptions the flags of the atheists and liberal culture, from de facto socialism to de iure sodomy.

Not a Christian, then, for sure. Certainly not a Muslim. A clearly thoroughly secular man, very probably as atheist as Stalin, with a cultural predilection for the religion in which he grew up (Islam, of course), and just that ridiculously thin varnish of Christianity that is necessary to become President in the USA.

A whitened sepulchre like few others on this planet, Obama incarnates the hypocrisy of the liberal classes, feigning some lip tribute to Christianity in abstract whilst trying to eradicate it from the planet in concrete.

Stalin was, at least, more honest.


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  1. Under our Masonic US Constitution anyone can be elected to federal office. There is no religious test.

  2. They keep saying he’s NOT the anti-Christ. I’m not so sure. OTOH, the anit-Christ will not be so bumbling, I’m sure. Obama is a hack, an empty suit.

  3. Mundabor,
    “but then again one like that would obviously leave Hod in the Gettysburg address so that the Christians are not offended, too. ”

    Hod…? Nice chap, I assume, but I don’t know him well…. Why would he be in the Gettysburg address in the first place, though? 😉

  4. I believe Obama may be preparing the way for anti-christ. In fact, Michael Voris mentioned this on a recent Vortex. Either way the man is completely evil. The only people who continue to support him are either defiantly stupid or wicked – it’s one or the other. I think God’s purpose in this is to draw unto his person (Obama) everything that is evil in America and bring it all to a head to a big ugly boil. What remains is how will God lance it?

    • Honestly, the world has seen the likes of Hitler and Stalin and the Antichrist still didn’t show up.
      Besides any consideration of evil, the latter two were far more intelligent.
      Obama is a product of affirmative action, cuddled all his life in the belief he is something superior because he is a mixed race idiot, which would make him different from all other idiot.
      An evil genius is different. This here is evil just as a byproduct of his being limited.

  5. The Nicolay version – the one that Ken Burns’ staff specifically asked the President to read – does not include the God reference. Please issue a correction to your assertion that Obama chose to omit God.

    • Another stupid comment.
      The President decides himself what version to read.
      He has decided to read the one without God.
      And he is not new to such exploits.

  6. An early comment by then Senator Obama, in 2008, explaining why it was so hard to get a certain section of Pennsylvanians to support him:

    “And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter; they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them . . . as a way to explain their frustration.”

    In other words, religion is practiced by ignorant rubes who can’t get ahead in life.

  7. Now you’ve done it, Mundabor: you will never be invited to go shopping with Oprah. I hope that you can find a way to live with that disappointment.

  8. Obama was legally adopted by his father, Mr. Soetoro, a practicing Muslim with Marxist leanings. When that happened he lost American citizenship and became Idonesian which did not allow duel citizenship. When he returned stateside his American grandparents would have had to apply to the Federal government within 30 days for restoration of citizenship. These papers would be his proof of citizenship. We the People have no certain proof that he has these papers. Moreover his Social Security # is listed as belonging to a man who died at the age of eighty. These numbers are never repeated. No records of grade transcripts are avail-
    able for the public to see. Every other President has produced the. Every aspect of his is false.

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