Support Orthodoxy, Not Francis

We are invited from sources above suspicion to support Francis when he says something orthodox, lest the cheering liberal crowd highjacks the “narrative” concerning the Pope.

I am not sure I agree.

I support Orthodoxy, not a Pope. If the Pope is orthodox, then it's normal. If he is particularly good at being orthodox, then he will be worthy of praise. If he isn't orthodox, he is a disgrace.

What Liberals do and say about Francis is, in this context, fully irrelevant. We can't enter a shouting context over who praises Francis more and hope anything good will come out of that. On the contrary, much bad would come out of that, because we have been praising the person whose character we will be criticising the next day.

By all means: when Francis happens to do something right – which at times he does – let us note that he has done it right, and a “well done” might also be in order. But let us not think we will in any way do things better for the Church by supporting a Pope who is damaging her so much, until we find very robust evidence of a definitive return to orthodox Popes.

The Pope's good subject, but God's first.


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  1. The Church of England has approved women bishops and guess what? It seems the “Francis factor” may have influenced the vote.

    From the Tablet of poison:

    “Canon Rosie Harper, who supports women bishops, said: “Pope Francis has got it – he’s stopped judging people and started loving them, and Catholic church attendance is rising. Stop being weird and vote yes.”

  2. As is the case with Joseph Conrad, you, a non-native English speaker can write so beautifully in a tongue other than that of your birth. What you say above is so touching, gives so much succor. St. Thomas More, pray for our Mundabor, God’s good servant!

  3. At least Franciscus and myself agree on one thing: Fr. R H Benson’s book “Lord of the World”!

  4. I agree with you. I find Michael Matt’s position hard to accept. It seems to let the liberal progressivists set the agenda.

  5. Well said Mundabor. I was perhaps even more troubled by the inference that to continue to hold the Pope accountable by “Traditionalist Bloggers” was parodied by a reference to the “Three Amigo’s” movie. The time for blurring the lines, is long passed. That logic reminds me of how in the U.S. Congress, a Senator or Representative must always refer to their adversaries on “The other side” as “My Friend” when in fact they are diametrically opposed on almost every issue debated. There is nothing wrong with pointing out WHATS WRONG. Its more necessary now, with this Pope, than its ever been. What does Jesus say about being “Luke warm” again?….Precisely.

  6. Well said, Mundabor. That is a reasonable position. It is self-evident that any Pope who has turned his back on the Church’s Tradition in his teaching and practice and has become a public scandal in the exercise of his Pontifical function should not be followed. It should be clear that in these circumstances Pope Francis, like his Vatican II predecessors, is speaking and acting according to mere human opinion and can lay no claim to divine inspiration.

    But, sadly, your point will be lost on the majority of today’s Catholics because, due to the aberrations of the Chief Shepherd, even bishops and priests no longer have a clear idea of the difference between heresy and the true faith. Worst of all, the Popes since Vatican II have succeeded in convincing the majority of priests and faithful to accept their novelties with the same fervour with which previous generations of Catholics followed the most orthodox Popes of the past. What an amazing paradox, truly a masterstroke of Satan!

  7. I found the following two sermons extremely beneficial. I have listened to each one three times and plan on listening to them again and again. For me they are spot on.

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]


    George Brenner

    • I approve hoping this is not sedevacantist material. (Underway now).

    • Mundabor,
      did not listen to the sermons, but Audio Sancto is not sedevacantist in any way, shape or form. They host sermons by Catholic priests with the priests’ permission. From their website:

      “Who are the priests giving these sermons?

      The priests you hear in the recordings on this website are Catholic Priests, in good standing with their local ordinaries and Rome, incardinated with normal faculties and jurisdiction, and serving in North America.”

  8. catocon ,

    When you are on the Audio Sancto website you can reference the priests individual sermons. There are many powerfully and spiritually soothing words of advise for contemplation. In the case of the two sermons that I sighted they are anonymous. God bless you and thank you for your post. We live in very challenging times. We must pray intensely for our Pope who absolutely is the vicar or representative of Christ but not Christ himself by any means. We must be loyal papist but never buy into the babel or falsehoods that he does speak. Shame on him for not teaching on many matters with truth and understandable clarity. He often leads many to believe that there are no rules according to centuries of defined teachings and has implied a free for all in ones spiritual moral compass on many matters. Nonetheless we have received the Popes that we deserve as a punishment for wanting to have it loose, modern and the unchallenged freedom to pick and choose what to believe. This will pass! The ending of the story is simple. The Catholic Church and Jesus are triumphant. Do not attack the Pope personally but always question with respect his errors and shortcomings lest we be on record with our silence of not fighting for our faith.


    George Brenner

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