Cardinal Marx, Enemy Of The Sacred.

As I have already mentioned, Cardinal Marx is one of the “Gang of Eight” and therefore, at least in theory, one of the most powerful prelates in existence.

He is also – and I have mentioned this too – not recognisable as a Catholic, as his very recent and very public spat with Archbishop Müller shows.

Marx has not lost another occasion to show what a circus tool he is. He has blessed what might well be the most un-catholic altar – bar ironing boards and, perhaps, picnic tables – ever installed in a Catholic church.

The “thing” looks like this:

As you can see (or not, as the case may be) the thing is barely visible. It truly tries to disappear. More so, in fact, that an ironing board would.

But it must be an altar. It has, too. It is no security cage for a race car, because there is no car around it. It might be a cage for the transport of cats, but it seems it doesn't even have a base, so the cat would have some trouble being transported around. You could renounce to move it and put birds in it, I suppose, but I think around the thing is what happens to be a church, and I doubt birds would be allowed there.

No. It must be an altar.

Now, what moves one like Marx to consecrate a thing like that? The hate for altars, of course, and all they represent. The destruction and desacralisation of everything hallowed by the ages. The desire to strip the liturgy of any remnant of sacrality in every detail.

I wonder where the (as far as I know, obligatory) relic was put. It must be somewhere in the strange, thin board at the top. But as generally an altar has his relic walled inside to make profanation and theft very difficult, in this case they both appear very easy.

God is allowing us to see to what extent Satan has infiltrated the Church, using evil men who have long lost both faith and decency to inflict as much damage as they can.

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi.

Let us not be blind. This is happening under our eyes.

We ignore it at our peril.



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  1. It looks very festive, light and airy. You know… gay 🙂

  2. Sorry, it looks like something one would pick up in the January sales from IKEA as outdoor furniture. Suitable as an altar for Our Lord’s Body and Blood? No.

  3. “Progressives” (modernists) are either perplexed or perturbed by piety.

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