The Gay New Age Vegan Libtard Thanksgiving

I did not know there are people as stupid as that, but evidently I was wrong.

The Poofington Post has an article about a kind of vegan/affirmation cafe shop clearly riding the wave of the many people thinking they can solve their problems, or their existential questions, with extremely gay new age bollocks.

Can you imagine a grown man going to a cafe and ordering his product saying “I am peace” instead of saying what he wants? Apparently, the server answers with “you are peace”, or the like, not only to confirm the – exclusively Vegan; only bad people like Jesus eat meat – order, but clearly mainly to let the sixty-Eighter in front of him feel so good with himself.

These people must be three years old. Five, tops.

The entire linked article is an involuntary parody of liberal America. The chaps “give thanks” to the neighbourhood supporting them. What? Is this Thanksgiving? I assumed that to be grateful to God for your prospering business on occasion of Thanksgiving would be so… un-Vegan.

The shop owners talk like post-lesbian feminists just back from their last Indian trip. They talk of their business as “making a difference”, which means every greengrocer was always a benefactor of humanity without knowing it. The entire thing stinks to the skies of the main ingredient of every conversation among liberals: the desperate desire to feel good with themselves, and to make themselves beautiful with others. No surprise the business is good: the target audience in Southern California must be huge. Ehy, the omnipresent “celebrities” visit! So it must be cool! I wish one day someone would make a census of “celebrities”, and tell us why we should care about what they do. Don’t hold your breath.

The liberal way is obvious: do not care for your salvation. Follow every stupid fad. Behave like a faggot in front of an audience. Praise yourself without ceasing. And most of all, think happy thoughts. It’ll give you a mini-fix for the next two minutes as you keep sliding away in a life without Christ, but making you ohh so thankful to your cat for making your life so wonderfully unique.


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  1. Are these people for real? They are the extreme, certainly, but this type of mentality is pervasive in the West everywhere in varying magnitudes. It has even infiltrated the Catholic schools with yoga being offered instead of morning prayers. It’s a sin not to recycle, but to look at porn is okay.

  2. Hey Mundabor, you should have read the comments about these wonderful folks who want the whole world to ‘connect’ and be happy, here’s one:

    “According to their Bay Area waitstaff, their success has resulted, in part, from stealing tipmoney. As a result of a lawsuit alleging just that, they shuttered their Bay Area locations and fired everyone.” Vegans, eh? Gotta luv ’em !

    • They have “channeled” the money, I suppose.. 😉

      No, I haven’t read the article to the end. Just enough to be sure it was not from “the onion”.


  3. I bet Dawn Eagle Woman dines there often…The other thing that cries for investigation: These new age energy healers place their “victims” on new light therapy recall conveyor belts that seem to awaken memories of being sexually abused by the evil father in most who travel through it!

  4. Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Enda Kenny…all complete and utter prats. I don’t think I’ve ever been so disillusioned with ‘western leaders’. Putin seems to be the only respectable head of state in the western world today.

    • Hello Shane! It’s nice to hear from you again!

      Yes, prodtitution seems to be the order of the day. I cannot imagine a single one of them believe in God. Therefore, they will just do what they think is best for them on the moment.
      I blame them, but also those who allow them to stay in power.


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