To All My US Readers


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  1. Thank you, Mr. M., and please pray for our country. We’re in desperate need of conversion. May God have mercy and save us.

  2. Ditto ! Sorry for being redundant. We as a Nation are crying out for Orthodoxy. Thank you your lovely photo. You may be sure that the family above recited Grace before and after meals every day. My family continues the practice.

  3. Norman Rockwell is NOT my favorite artist. He is all treacle and demonstrates what we are fighting–sentiment ad nauseum. Most of his works are grotesque in my opinion.

  4. I invite you to take a look at the overwrought sentimentality in his subject matter. Gives me the willies!

  5. I’ll venture to guess if Norman Rockwell was alive today he’d be painting Americana of same sex marriage ceremonies complete with groom and groom kissing, ever-so-coyly. He was a Proddie (Episcopalian) who divorced his first wife (of course after using her as a model for the picture “Mother Tucking Her Children Into Bed”) Ha, the irony is rich!

  6. Okay, okay, ad nauseam. I’ll absorb it this time. BTW, how do you italicize in this program?

    Maybe I am being too harsh on ol’ Norman, but Caravaggio he ain’t. It’s sad that so many Americans consider his to be fine art. Give me an Edward Hopper, Grant Wood or E.Hart Benson any day. I love to be moved by art and music, but Norman suffocates.

    • I like Hopper too. I will “explore” the Others, thanks!

      Only the moderator can write italics in the comment box, WordPress wants it so…


  7. M, if you’re ever out in the wilderness, I’ll fix you a nice lunch of fresh locusts. Maybe some sweetener with that, too, if required 🙂

    On the subject of language: how would I say “Dominus vobiscum” to one person?

  8. I should have added that “tecum” *AFAIK* is directed to a person that is at least a close acquaintance, so that wouldn’t fit for general use.

    (On the subject of WordPress, there is a plugin named something like ‘Subscribe to comments now’ that allows subscribing without needing to make a comment.)

    • I do not know any other use. AFAIK, to one person you would say tecum, to two or more “vobiscum”. I do not recall in Latin any equivalent of “usted” or “Sie” to express deference. But it was a long time ago.


  9. My error in listing the last artist’s name. That would be Edward Hart Benton, M. At 4:30 am the brain was somewhat sluggish. Now that I have my morning cup of joe, ultra delicious from my Saeco machine, I’m ready to cast more aspersions on what I consider schlock art.

  10. OMG, THOMAS Hart Benton.

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