Francis: Either Stupid Or Evil

Defend us in battle!

Defend us in battle!

In an interview with Catholic News Service, Mr Eberle said “many points” in the Pope’s apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”) suggested the German Church was “moving in the right way” in its attitude toward remarried Catholics.Uwe Renz, spokesman in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, also defended the bishops’ stance. He said he believed the bishops were acting “in the spirit of the Pope’s teaching.”“Our own dialogue process has shown this is a major issue for both lay Catholics and priests,” Mr Renz said.“Pope Francis has called on bishops to exercise a wise and realistic pastoral discernment on such problems, and our bishops want divorced and remarried Catholics to be a full part of the church community, with full rights.”

I do not entirely blame Mr Eberle. I mean, of course I do. But he is not the first responsible for the impending schism in Germany. Francis, the Pope who does not want to be called that way, is.

One must be either utterly evil or very, very stupid, not to understand what all this popularity-seeking waffle is leading to. It is unavoidable that all this stuff about decentralisation and calling for “pastoral discernment” opens the way to the worst evil imaginable. Let me repeat it again: utterly evil, or very stupid. From today, “German Schism” enters the number of my tags. I am afraid I will have to write many, many posts with this tag. I pray that the Angels ask for vengeance on the Pope who allows this happen; nay, encourages it. The Church is being raped under our very eyes, and with the stupid acquiescence or evil complicity of the very Pope. What times are we living in.

Francis needs to seriously wake up, and this charitably supposing he is asleep rather than complicitous. Every day we see the enemies of Christ take another centimetre of sacred Church ground, whilst Francis sneaks out in the night to “help the poor”, or buries us under 50,000+ words of more or less heretical waffle.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Stupid or evil. Tertium non datur.



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  1. I think that anyone who truly believes that this man is somehow asleep is asleep themselves. This man is in no way stupid either. It is time for us who are still committed to the Truth to start calling this man what he is.

  2. “Uwe Renz, spokesman in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, also defended the bishops’ stance. He said he believed the bishops were acting “in the spirit of the Pope’s teaching.”

    It certainly does appear that it is in the spirit of the Pope’s teaching. It looks to me like Protestantism has taken root within the structure of the Church.

    • In fact, it is so. The German schismatic church is much more in tune with Francis than we are.
      They have recognised the facts. Many others still haven’t.
      Hard as it is to have to write a blog post title like this, I think we are to the point where one cannot avoid it anymore.
      We see the devastation happening day by day, in front of our eyes. Just expressing perplexity or surprise isn’t enough anymore.


  3. I propose the possibility that decentralized power might be a very good thing in the present situation, because having absolute power in the hands of a liberal bigot like Francis is worse. Bp Paprocki, e.g., can continue doing as he does, without getting crushed by Francis and his gang.

    Sure, Francis’ “tolerance” will not be extended at all to conservatives, as was the case with the Radio Maria Two. Still, once the genie of decentralized power is let out of the bottle, Francis and his gang cannot control where it will lead to. Castro had force of arms to enforce his way, Francis doesn’t.

    • It can never be.
      it would ensure that all the most evil parts of the Church – like Germany – are plunged into schism with Vatican benediction. Local pastoral necessities, and doctrinal autonomy.
      It is impossible to give the periphery more factual power, without the likes of the Germans transforming it into doctrinal licence.
      It is in the nature of things. We see it already happening in the phrases I have just mentioned.
      It would be an incalculable evil.
      An evil that, I think, Francis is actively promoting, and the intended result of this “decentralisation”.

      He can’t officially tear down Catholicism as Pope.
      He will therefore allow other to do it for him.


  4. Yes, but that leads to the second part of my theory. The vast majority of the masses have no ability to anticipate anything. Therefore, the only way that they learn is to see the bad results that actually occur. Schism and chaotic destruction in ultra-liberal areas might lead to a pullback from liberalism in the rest of the world.

    In the same way, I now welcome what years ago I had feared: the splintering of the USA. When New Mexico and southern California split off and become hellholes, that very visible object lesson will induce the center-portion of the American masses to stop indulging in juvenile liberal fantasies about permissive utopias.

  5. I have just read paragraphs 40 and 41 of Evangeli Gaudium, and in my opinion they are evil, evil rather than stupid. Read objectively, they are ridiculous but not harmless.

    Is it a ghost-writer, helping Francis with the document, who uses quotations from St Thomas Aquinas in such a way as to diabolically twist their meaning?

  6. Nr 40 and 41 are the old (VII) story “we have to fill the old vine in new (wine)skins”

  7. No. 43. Some ‘rules and precepts’ are apparently past their ‘sell by date’ (I think I can guess which ones). Precepts should be ‘insisted upon with moderation’ (I insist that you accompany me to the police station, if that’s OK with you?)

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