The Rosary And The Stick (Warning: Strong Content)

Extremely shocking, but also moving video from San Juan, Argentina, via His Hermeneuticalness.

If you have the stomach to watch the video in its entirety (frankly, I hadn’t) you will see ugly dykes  – yes, dykes are ugly. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be dykes – strutting their unimpressive naked stuff in front of extremely patient boys, whose only answer to being spit in the face (as in: being spit in the face. No trace of police) is… continuing the recitation of the rosary.

Truly, hell and heaven separated by centimeters.

I commend the reaction of the boys, and their truly heroic patience (way beyond my means) in the face of provocation.

Still, let me tell you this: it is not right that in a traditionally Catholic country things have to come to this point, and reaction to such provocations is entirely legitimate.

If yours truly were to be the last of a long list of dictators in Argentina, these satanical people would get to feel the stick on their backs; and a blessed stick it would be that helps them to see reason, if at all possible.

You can say what you want of the Duce, but he knew how to deal with these people. I miss his, as they say today, “can do” attitude. 

The Germans have a beautiful way to say it: Wer nicht hoeren will, muss fuehlen: “He who does not want to listen, must feel”. For the sake of clarity, the “feeling” is here the physical pain inflicted to them.

God willing, a time will come when those vicariously spitting on Christ and painting His followers with spray (and obviously spitting on Christian values besides spitting on people) get to feel , in this life, a small part of the suffering awaiting them in the next.

Please don’t give me any of the Gandhi stuff. Look at the video and see whether punishment would not be fully in order here.

All this, whilst our unworthily reigning Pope boasts about the great number of people who are baptised. I bet most of the dykes in the video are baptised, too.

We need to wake up. And Francis first.

Pray for those brave people in the video. God knows how they could keep the calm.

I fear I would have made a massacre.



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  1. Thank you for posting, sharing everywhere!

  2. I doubt these dykes would try this in Russia. If they did, they’d deservedly be rotting in jail for a long time.

  3. Blessed water and exorcist prayers would have been effective.

  4. I don’t see anything noble about the pacifism displayed by 20th-21st century Christianity to this type of behavior.

    The term for the situation in this video is “Anarcho-Tyranny.” It exists not only due to secular leftist policy, but the total unwillingness of the conservative elements of Christian civilization to stand up for itself.

    A real danger is that if Christians in general are unable or unwilling to be a part of creating an orderly society because of modernistic interpretations of “Turn the other Cheek”, then they will loose ground to the competition.

    There is a religion as we all know growing rapidly that will not put up with this kind of social anarchy.

    Many foolish and misguided may seek refuge in such a institution out of a desire for survival

    • I fully understand where you come from, but I think here isn’t much pacifism at play, rather the desire to avoid being sued.


    • It’s very possible that if any of the rosary men defended themselves, then plainclothes police would have popped up to arrest them, and the news would have headlines about defenseless women being attacked “because they are different” by angry bigoted Catholics.

      What I think they should have done is present the video to police the next day, and demand arrests of the loathesome deviants – while documenting the resulting police inaction.

      It will take a lot to overcome decades of brainwashing about “oppressed minorities”.

  5. Princeps militiae caelestis

    I am sorry. I may be wrong. But I understand the boys should have reacted and crashed the perverts. It only incentive the perverts to continue.

    • I doubt this is legal, though again it would have been deserved. Trials would have ensued. The usual headlines.
      The same dilemma is present by prayers in front of abortion clinics. You need people with nerves of steel.
      Still, let us make no mistake here: what would help these people most is the stick.

  6. Spare the rod, spoil the child.
    Depending on production value and exact construction parameters, some rosaries could be used in place of whips, not just as spiritual weapons, but physical ones. Mine has a pretty decent crucifix that could hurt quite a bit if necessary… It very robust, too. With a little practice you could swing them even during prayer, rhythmically, flagellating while counting …. 😉 (You do need a robust sense of humor in these times…)

    By the way: Did you close the comments on the “Stupid or Evil” entry some time within the last hour? Because I wrote a comment on it, went away for half an hour, read it again, clicked to post the comment, and was told comments are closed…. but there were four comments published already… Is it a technical problem or did you close them intentionally?

  7. Hi Mundabor, I like so much your blog, thank you for all your help in my journey. I liked very much to see the strength of the people praying the rosary. I had a similar experience one night about one year ago. I was going home in a bus and praying the rosary when a group of loud men came in and started at me trying to make me react, one of them sat next to me but I just continued my rosary, I felt so strong and the one who sat next to me after some time got up. My point is: the rosary is the most powerful weapon ever. I love my rosary and I count rosaries.

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