Hans Kueng: “Jesus Was Speaking, Like, Off-The-Cuff”

Evil Clown.

Evil Clown.

The tragic clown knows as Hans Kueng has given another example of his confusion with his latest printed vomit on the pages of the always vomit-inducing Tablet.

Among the other stupid things he says (though I can understand why he is happy with Evangelii Gaudium), I read this:

The Christians of the New Testament did not understand Jesus’ words on divorce as a law but as an ethical directive. The failure of a marriage obviously did not correspond to what men and women were created for.

This is beyond belief; and, therefore, typical of Kueng.

He must believe in reincarnation, because he obviously believes he was there and knows better than 2,000 years of deposit of faith how Jesus’ words on divorce were intended. Oh come on, Kueng basically says, Jesus was making an obvious point, that failed marriage are somewhat sub-optimal.  I suspect he believes in the Ten Directives. If that.

Extreme Off-The-Cuffing of Jesus’ words.

Rather fashionable nowadays. Eh? No?


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  1. radjalemagnifique

    Another ‘Kasperle’.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

    • Have you decided to keep the nickname, Radja? Or is “EL” to do with the new one?


    • radjalemagnifique

      I’ll have next week two days of training to built my own website and/or blog to promote my books. I’m a writer and translater specialising in herbs and plants as I have already mentioned some day. I think I will give my website/blog the name of “Erika’s Herbarium” and put a link to that in my comments on other blogs. Therefore I will most certainly use my real name which is Erika Lais. EL. stands for the first letters of my Christian/Family name. By this time also I will take off the photo and the name of Radja (with much regret).

      Speaking of herbs I’ll try to integrate some views of the Saints to whom some herb names refer and to put them on the calendar of the day. For instance, St John’s wort on June 24, roses for the day of St Elizabeth of Hungary on November 19, and so on. I think the saints have been thrown out of the churches at the same time as the Angels, as being not “operative” following the “modernistic” (protestant) view of Vatican II, and so I’ll try to do some ‘rehab’ work for them! What do you about this?


  2. The only way the evil clown depicted above could possibly share any stronger resemblance to Kung, is if you put it in a cardigan. No offense to the cardigan, or evil clowns everywhere, for that matter.

  3. When I was in Rome last month, I went to all the bookstores around Saint peter’s. I was looking for a 1962 missal in italian. I couldn’t find one if I wanted to pay it in gold. But low and behold they had books on hans keung. Not to mention ones on don gallo, cardinal martini, ghandi and dalai lama. Let me not forget when i went to buy a rosary with the Saint Benedict medal, the lady told me it would bring me “good luck”.

  4. radjalemagnifique

    In France, we (= the people interested in pre-Vatican II missals) look for them at the flea markets or in this type of sales. There are still missals in a very good state for just a few Euros (generally 5 Euros, and after discussion one can get them for 2 or 3 Euros). I have a missal in Latin – French from 1902 which is still accurate in a traditional mass, as well as one from 1867, also in Latin – French. The structure of this one is different, and one has to have several page marks in order to follow the Mass, but the texts are still accurate also.


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