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The Great Mundabor Pageview Contest

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Today is our Jubilee extra festivity and I have a lot of time to waste. Therefore, I have decided to write something about the curiosities of my statistics tables. Take it seriously, because it isn’t.

Like (I think) every blogger, I can’t avoid sniffing my statistics at times. Besides the obvious human curiosity, I am intrigued by the degree of penetration of Mundabor’s politically incorrect message in any particular country, that is: how many pageviews per, say, 1,000 inhabitants I get in, say, 30 days. Let us see, then, how things stand as we write the 5 June 2012.

Unsurprisingly, English-speaking countries top the absolute numbers list: in the last 30 days I got (as I write) 14,232 pageviews from the United States, 9,170 from the United Kingdom, 1,786 from Canada and 1,667 from Australia. If we calculate this per 1 million inhabitants in 30 days I get: 45.4 for…

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“O Little Town Of Betlehem”

All Hail Croatia!

As Christianity disappears from what we used to call the West, the former Communist countries show a much stronger propensity to hold to their Christian roots, at least on single occasions.

Besides the obvious example of Russia and Mr. Putin (one of the few statesmen around who still acts Christian and says it out loud), we now have some beautiful news from Croatia, as Rorate reports.

You will say that what has happened is nothing special, and a country can well define marriage as between a man and a woman and, say, consent to so-called “civil partnerships”. This is, of course, true. Still, the Croatian result is important because it means in old, now largely de-Christianised Europe there are still those who resist to the “inclusive” mantra of our times and dare to defy the prevailing mass complicity with faggotry. At this this first step was made by Croatia with their vote. Not very much yet but, still, good news.

Make no mistake, we will see “affirmative action” from Brussels aimed at eradicating Christian (that is: the only conceivable) marriage as “homophobic” all over the EU. Let us, therefore, hail this vote as a good sign in the impending battle for the soul of Europe.

At times I truly think Satan is enlarging Hell. Such must be, in fact, the influx of “new entries” from once traditionally Christian countries, now more or less slowly on their way to becoming completely dominated by heathenism, and with Christianity reduced to festivities mainly used to get drunk and spend more money.

Rorate titled their post “All Hail Croatia”. Indeed. I allow myself to copy the exultation and make it, at the same time, a battle cry.


Has Francis Ever Read The Gospel?

Here, Jesus is seen in an Oscar-worthy performance of pretend anger, says the Bishop of Rome.

Here, Jesus is seen in an Oscar-worthy performance of pretend anger, says the Bishop of Rome.

“In the Gospel, Jesus does not become angry, but pretends to when the disciples do not understand him,” the Pope explained, adding that at Emmaus Jesus says, “’How foolish and slow of heart.’”

Last time I looked, Jesus made a whip out of cords and used it to drive the money-changers out of the temple. Not much pretending, here. I am sure if Francis had been the recipient of one of Jesus’ whip strokes he would not have talked about pretending, at all. Besides, it is clear that for a single man to drive everyone out nothing less but sheer Divine Fury must have been at work. You don’t make a whip to whip things. You make a whip to whip people. Does Francis know that?

Extremely disquieting is, also, the idea that Jesus would “pretend” with his disciples. There is nothing in the Gospel, or in Christianity, suggesting Jesus was ever less than completely truthful and honest. The idea that he had to “pretend” because the disciples did not understand might or might not be blasphemous, but is stupid at the very least, and extremely dangerous to boot. God cannot deceive, and therefore Jesus cannot pretend. If Jesus had been willing to “pretend”, then everything he said could be put in the same drawer: “he was pretending to mean such and such here, because the Apostles did not get that a proper pasta must not be overcooked”, or the like. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” does mean that He is and speaks the Truth, sempre e comunque. Then there would be the small matter that in the Old Testament God doesn’t seem to be “pretending” much, either, and His anger is very, very real. So either God has “evolved” in a peaceful being who is Buddha-like and never angry, or someone has to go back to the very basics. 

Now let us develop this. How is it that Francis expresses himself so easily in a heretical way? Either he does not know what he talks about – not unlikely, though inexcusable in a Pope – or he has just swept the bad news under the carpet, under the fiction that Jesus “didn’t really mean” that particular aspect, and was just “pretending”. Once Francis has jumped on this train it is rather obvious that – to mention at random – atheists can be saved, the covenants with the Jews is still in place, and you don’t have to convert anyone.

This Pope is making a Gospel in his own imagine and resemblance. Because he is so ‘umble. He asks you to believe it. Don’t do it.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle! 



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