All Hail Croatia!

As Christianity disappears from what we used to call the West, the former Communist countries show a much stronger propensity to hold to their Christian roots, at least on single occasions.

Besides the obvious example of Russia and Mr. Putin (one of the few statesmen around who still acts Christian and says it out loud), we now have some beautiful news from Croatia, as Rorate reports.

You will say that what has happened is nothing special, and a country can well define marriage as between a man and a woman and, say, consent to so-called “civil partnerships”. This is, of course, true. Still, the Croatian result is important because it means in old, now largely de-Christianised Europe there are still those who resist to the “inclusive” mantra of our times and dare to defy the prevailing mass complicity with faggotry. At this this first step was made by Croatia with their vote. Not very much yet but, still, good news.

Make no mistake, we will see “affirmative action” from Brussels aimed at eradicating Christian (that is: the only conceivable) marriage as “homophobic” all over the EU. Let us, therefore, hail this vote as a good sign in the impending battle for the soul of Europe.

At times I truly think Satan is enlarging Hell. Such must be, in fact, the influx of “new entries” from once traditionally Christian countries, now more or less slowly on their way to becoming completely dominated by heathenism, and with Christianity reduced to festivities mainly used to get drunk and spend more money.

Rorate titled their post “All Hail Croatia”. Indeed. I allow myself to copy the exultation and make it, at the same time, a battle cry.


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  1. Recall the more “western” neighbor of Hrvatsko, i.e. Slovenija in fact reject homo “marriage” in May 2012 by a vote of 55-45%. It does allow for some “partnership” arrangements or unions but no legalized codification of sodomites.

    • Ah, “partnerships” are evil enough, but when people start to say “stop!” once they might start to think again at some point in future.


  2. Me and The Bride were in Dubrovnik last year where we made it to Pentecost Mass (in their dialect) in the nick of time. The old walled city is beautiful – the entirety of it is cleaner than the inside of most american movie theaters – the people are warm, friendly, and kind, and their priests are out amongst the people wearing their clericals.

    We had a most fantastic meal just outside the gates to the city – a gin and mustard steak, local wine- and I’d go back to Dubrovnik in a heart beat.

    YAY Croaatia!!!

  3. I’d learned a few years ago that ‘hello’ in Croatian is ‘Bok’, based on their word for God.

  4. St. Benedict's Thistle

    In his preface to “Life of Christ,” Archbishop Fulton Sheen described how Communism had chosen the Cross, but without Christ; and how the West had chosen Christ without the Cross.

    He writes, “The problem now is: Will the Cross, which Communism holds in its hands, find Christ before the sentimental Christ of the Western world finds the Cross? It is our belief that Russia will find the Christ before the Western world unites Christ with his Redemptive Cross.”

  5. The new and so called “Eastern” constitution of Hungary defines marriage also in a Catholic way. People from the former East-block countries can not be fooled so easily any more (with 60 or 40 years of evil marxisme then people of West European countries. Let’s pray for change in teh West, too.

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