“O Little Town Of Betlehem”

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  1. Nothing to do with this post but about your stats (comments now closed) and not necessarily for publication but I recall listening to someone talking on the radio from the Vatican about the monitoring of the world’s press (they have a whole department doing this which appears to be very ‘clued up’). Their spokesman, a young priest, said that everything that can be traced that is written about the Church is collected and analysed, he didn’t mention blogs but times move on.
    He said that the British press was regarded as ‘laughably ignorant’ about the Church (accurate) and that the Irish press was regarded as ‘almost universally hostile’ (also accurate). I suppose that someone from that dept. has found you and is taking an occasional look. So keep telling them about the things that worry orthodox Catholics, someone is taking notice.

    • Ah, the problem is not whether they read me (unavoidably, the one or other must have chanced on my blog), but what they make of it. If Francis were to read one hundred of my posts about him, I doubt he would be moved to shift his positions of one single centimetre.


  2. As a committed liberal politician, Big Tent Francis cannot be moved by any theological or moral arguments. The one thing he would fear would be to face opposition in large numbers. That doesn’t exist as of now, but there is a catch: he would also fear anything that might eventually develop into large scale opposition.

    Does the Vatican conduct any kind of secret polling?

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