Fags Hate Fags

Oh, those poor, poor sodomites, don't you feeeel for them? They are so discriminated against, “judged” by an unjust society (I know: this is a judgment…) and driven to suicide by the “bullying” of those who call them… faggots! Which obviously is what they are, but it's so cruel, so cruuuel! To think that they are so good!

(Now please, as you say this, stop a moment and savour the feeling of smug superiority; the squatting on the moral high ground; the enjoyment of one's own advanced spiritual state. Then prepare to wake up to reality….).

Alas, it turns out the “good faggot” is, in the majority, rather an aspiring killing machine, and willingly so.

Who would, knowing that he has contracted a disease that could be deadly in others, expose them to this very dangerous disease only to increase his own sexual pleasures? Two faggots out of three, that's who.

Notice here that the percentage mentioned is not of those who abandon themselves to disgusting acts of sodomy, but of those who do not wear condoms as they do so. Full knowing they are HIV positive. Merely to increase their own perverted pleasure. Of course they are supposed not to commit acts of sodomy in the first place, but this is an act of sodomy (alas, not a criminal offence anymore almost everywhere) with the addiction of what must be, surely, a criminal offence in many Countries!

It boggles the mind. It squarely makes of fags the enemy number one of fags, their own willed target for potentially deadly infections. Gaystapo as it breathes and sodomises.

What people still seem not to understand (because they don't know jack of God, sin, or the devil) is how damaged the soul of an homosexual already is. Whilst not every homosexual acts with faggoty behaviour to satisfy his perversion, unless we understand the gravity of this truly satanical perversion we wil not be able to understand its consequences. Only people firmly in the hand of the devil can be so astonishingly, diabolically self-centred as to put not even their own pleasure, but merely its maximum enjoyment at a premium over other people's health and perhaps life.

I do not know whether Fags hate the humanity at large, but there can be no doubt only self-hate and hate of the other fag can drive people to such level of depraved cruelty. Only Satan's hand could deform a soul to such an extent of dehumanising use of other people's body.

The Nazi doctor who performed cruel experiments on his Jewish victims might, perhaps, have deluded himself he is advancing the progress of humanity. He also did not have any personal relationship with his victim. But the HIV-positive faggot consciously exposing others at the risk of infection perfectly well knows he is only advancing the cause of his maximum pleasure, and must have at least a fleeting personal relationship with the man (oh well…) whose life he is putting at risk for no other reason than the most perverted, most short-lived of advantages.

Scratch the Sodomite, and you will see the monster. It is in the logic of Satan's work, and it is a master accomplishment of the same Satan to have persuaded so many that with the act of sodomy the faggot, rather than Christ, is the lamb that was slain.

People have no idea of what sin is anymore. You tell them sin is what offends God – and therefore sodomy, a sin crying to Heaven for vengeance, is one of the greatest offences imaginable – and they look at you incredulous, lost, or in utter mockery. They also have no idea of who Satan is, or what he can do to us. To them, everything is good until someone gets hurt. Unless it is a sphyncter, of course. Or an unborn baby.

God might not hate fags, though he most certainly hates their faggotry.

But boy, do they hate each other.



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  1. Ummmmm….Mundie….pardon me….but just exactly WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE?

    (To be clear, and as you already are aware….this is the stock answer which must be applied in these cases…I believe it is now Canon Law.)

    • I must think of a stock answer to this. I generally answer “a Catholic”, but a I think it goes beyond the intellect of the “who are you to judge” types.

      Another answer might be “oh, so you are a fag, aren’t you?” ;), and when they react one can answer “who are you to judge”?

      The third answer could be “and who are you, then?”, but again they’d have to stop and think very hard, which spoils the effect…


  2. I think the link is incorrect – it leads to an unrelated story. I am almost touched by your innocence, because I’m afraid you’re naively assuming the reason these men have unprotected sex is simply because they find a condom mitigates their sexual gratification. It is much, much worse: They find a perverse pleasure in infecting others with the disease they have acquired. Just as it is a staple of gay fantasy to seduce a straight man, an even more extreme form of perverted pleasure would be to pollute the partner with the virus. It’s completely psychotic. St. Augustine distinguishes two kinds of sin: The sin that chooses a lesser good instead of a higher good (e.g. stealing money, which gets you something that is in itself good – money-, but sacrificing honesty for money is sinful because honesty is the higher good). This kind of sin is harmless compared to the second kind: Seeking out evil for evil’s sake and not because it offers you any kind of good. Augustine tells the story of how he stole pears from a tree, but, instead of eating them, fed them to the pigs. This sin horrified him, because he wasn’t after the pears, but the destruction of the pears. You’re assuming they are indulging in the first kind of sin – but they’re into the second kind.

    • Many thanks, I hope the link is now repaired.

      I must admit I had not thought of the second possibility, which is a very shocking thought and even more satanical than I had imagined. Again, even the Nazis thought they were doing something “good”, perverted as their conception of good was. This here would be, as you say, pure evil for evil’s sake.


  3. Sodomites hate themselves. It only stands to reason that they should hate each other.

    They repress the hate, of course, at the same time as they repress the guilt. They tell themselves that they don’t believe there is a God in Heaven Who will judge them, even though deep down they know there is. And so they are unable to accept His forgiveness.

    And that is the saddest thing of all, because His forgiveness is always freely given.

    • It’s freely given if it comes with repentance and contrition. It is not freely given for the asking.
      Here lies the problem: “acceptance” is not done by merely receiving: a change of perspective is required, a rejection of their perverted ways.
      The very “born this way” mantra runs against the idea of repentance. At that point, hell is a very probable outcome.


  4. I am a bit confused here by some of these responses which seem to indicate that our Homosexual Brethren in Christ Jesus are inherently evil and possess malintent.

    It would seem that instead of attaching some Mundie-Fundie obsessive response to supposed “issues” concerning Homosexuals, it would be much better if we would focus instead on meeting our Brother Gays half-way in the Spirit of Christ and remember that we are all, each of us, answerable to our own consciences.

    When God looks down on our Brother Gays, surely He sees the fruits of our evolving love and understandings of the workings of the Holy Spirit in the world today.

    Remember: It’s more genuine and loving to kiss our Brother Gays in a warm embrace instead of residing in some inwardly-directed hovel of our selfish and retro-Catholicism.


  5. Why single out homosexuality of all sins, what about heterosexual fornication and adultery? Granted the vociferousness of the “Gaystapo” crowd, as you rightly call it, and its attempt to disfigure society – what do you make of those who in silence seek to eradicate those tendencies, whether they be sodomy, fornication, gluttony, etc? The disease should be fought, but the soul should be saved.

    • Fornication and adultery, grave as they are, do not go against nature, sodomy does.

      Reflect whether you would put incest and child raping on the same plane with fornication and you will start to understand.

      The very fact that I have to give such explanations says a lot about the degenerate state of our Western society, where sexual perversion has become mainstream.


  6. A couple of years ago, I read the book ‘Broken Promises – how the AIDS Establishment has betrayed the Developing World’ by Edward C Green, former Director of the Harvard AIDS Prevention Project. It reports a number of cases of this type of homosexual behaviour. One case sticks in the mind and I quote directly from his book

    “In April 2005, the gay student activist Jonathan Perry gave the plenary speech at the Harvard AIDS Summit. Before he began, student organisers presented him with a humanitarian award. During the applause, some of Perry’s friends stood up, and because sitting down quickly seems to be a snub in such situations, the remaining several hundred of us also stood.

    “Except we didn’t know what this guy was going to say. Perry’s main activity seemed to be seeking men through the internet for anonymous sex. He has ‘unprotected’ anal intercourse he said, and he doesn’t tell his receptive partners that he is HIV positive. He related this story like a stand up comedian, joking about his behaviour for about 15 minutes. At one point he quipped ‘Hey, if you don’t care enough about your own health to ask me about my HIV status, why should I tell you?’ There was nervous laughter. Nobody revoked his humanitarian award or even questioned his behaviour”

  7. There’s also a lot of outright murders in the queer community too. Some of the most horrendous murders you will see in the media are fag on fag killings. Yet, they have the gall to bitch about us ‘oppressing them!

    • Yes, I have read horrible stories in both Italy and Germany.
      Often the newspapers only report the horrendous crime; only later it turns out it was a fag-on-fag murder.


  8. I went through RCIA. In my class there were two men who were a homosexual couple. Everyone knew and no one said anything about it. They went through all the sacraments at the same time I did. Years later I found out one murdered the other and was sent to prison.

  9. I went through RCIA in 2003. I heard about the murder probably just a few years ago.

  10. I’ve only ever belonged to one parish in a pretty terrible diocese so I can’t witness to what is happening in a lot of different places. I helped with RCIA a couple of years ago. It is not run by the priest or deacon but by lay people. The priest never even showed up, maybe once. I had to correct a lot errors. They said things like, homosexual marriage is ok and it’s ok to believe Our Lady had other children besides Our Lord. There were a lot of other errors. So, at least in my parish it has not gotten better.

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