The “MSM” Fraud

I seem to notice a new turn of phrase around: “men who have sex with men”, short: MSM.

Whilst it is always difficult to know what moves libtards to always new stupid expressions – I struggle to follow the ever-expanding series of initials for faggots, dykes, trannies and assorted pervs – in this case it seems to me the reason for this Neo-libtardism is evident:

1. To suggest that a man might have sex with another man and not be a faggot.

2. To avoid the use of the word “gay”, thankfully now commonly used as mockery.

All those libtards are either practicing perverts, or think there's nothing like “perversion” even if they “happen” to be straight. Therefore, they must try to create the legend that a man might be “bi”, or – as they also say, hilariously – “curious”.

Erm, no. Men like women. Not dykes, nor faggots, nor strange surgeon freaks. Women.

I truly wonder whether the people who use words like “MSM” would mount their dog (MMD), or sleep with their sister (MSS) or their mother (MSMo), or their aunt (MSA) out of “curiosity”. I do not want to know the answer.

These bunch of perverts or aspiring such are trying to sell perversion as another form of normality, and to persuade you it is even compatible with being normal. Their aim is to persuade the mainstream idiot that a “gay person” is not even “different” in any perceivable way from the “normality”.

I truly wonder how many of these perverted retards produce faggots and dykes, or whatever might be in the middle. I mean, what has remained of masculinity in a man even thinking in this way? How can he raise a normal boy, or a sane girl? Is not a man who cannot find anything wrong in a pervert the very epitome of one, though he might not be practicing his perversion? Which sane person would want to have such a father? And this is supposed to be the generally accepted thinking?

Beware of words. They are very dangerous.



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  1. From Saint Matthew the words of Our Lord and Saviour could be considered applicable to the sodomites who do not keep their swords in the right place; that is, do not act like men who marry women.

    Then Jesus saith to him: Put up again thy sword into its place: for all that take the sword shall perish with the sword

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