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“Sussex Carol”

The Pope And The Terrorist

Let us feel good everybody!

I have not examined in detail the Bishop of Rome's words about the death of Lady Diana Mandela, though I do not doubt on close examination they will prove shallow to atrocious.

I am old enough to remember when Nelson Mandela was in jail because of terrorist activity, though if you asked the average illiterate teenager of today I doubt they would know what a terrorist is in the first place.

I also remember Mandela was the head of a communist (read my lips: communist) organisation, and that his second wife Winnie was for years at the head of a group of gangbanger thugs murdering around under the implicit protection of the Great Icon, who needed an awful lot of persuasion to finally decide to dump her, his new status of messiah of the liberal masses not being really compatible with the murderous harridan.

In addition, one cannot forget this is the man responsible for plunging South Africa in such a state of corruption, violence and economy-hampering affirmative action that you wonder whether any fool, picked randomly from the madhouse, would not have done better, only because he would not have needed to enrich countless members of his vast clan.

Potentially murderous terrorist. Communist. Complicit in mafia-like activity. Corrupt or conniving with corruption. This is not the stuff of a Christian hero.

Yes, Mandela did some things very right, but I wonder whether he had any alternative. It was undoubtedly wise to steer the country on a path of reconciliation, but the alternative would have been for the Whites – vastly superior in training, wealth, armament, and discipline – to massacre the Blacks like it's going out of fashion and go back to square… minus three, so the open confrontation and official settling of bills never had a chance; something, this, that Mandela must have known every day of his life.

Better, far better to play Gandhi and enrich the entire “entourage” in the process.

I know, I know. There is still merit in making wise decisions. Not many communist terrorists make them after all. I'll give him that. But come on, 27 years of jail generally help a lot in developing this kind of wisdom. Mandela had the wisdom to choose icon status and vast embezzling for his clan over fight to the death, which – he knew that very well – would have been swift. Wise, yes. But so extraordinary? People who marry for the third time at 80 tend not to look for martyrdom for the cause.

It is now being widely publicised Mandela was also – what do you expect from a communist terrorist? – responsible for a U-turn on abortion. Truly, this is Lady Diana with the little black dress.

Has Francis taken account of it? Where did he live before the early Nineties? I remember a lot about Mandela pre-icon status, and he is a couple of decades older than I.

Oh well. Critical thinking is unfit for this age. Shameless stirring of feel-good emotions is what the mob demands, as when people stop believing in God their need to feel good with themselves – another manifestation of extreme self-centredness – becomes extreme.

Francis knows it. He knows how they feel. He probably – not being a monster of depth – even thinks like them. He is the Pope for our times: shallow, populist, addicted to popularity, willing to sing with the secular choir, and eager to be approved by the wrong crowd. Nelson Mandela died! Let us feel good everybody!

When Francis meets His maker, he will be hailed as the White Lady Diana.

By the same communists, atheists, abortionist and assorted libtards now praising Nelson Mandela.


P. S. Mandela did not bring Apartheid to end. Not a bit. Decades of economic sanctions led by the baddy, baddy Western States did. Learn your history if you haven't lived it.


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