The Decline Of Christianity

Sunday Temple for the English masses.

A UK tribunal has decided, in its goodness, that Sunday observance is a fundamental part of Christian belief and can therefore not be treated by the employer like any other day.

It seems good news, and at least isn't a bad one; but it truly tells one how far we have come in the decomposition of Christianity in what used to be the Dowry of Mary, and is now more like the Garden of Satan.

Could you imagine such a controversy 100, 50 or even 25 years ago? The time is rapidly approaching when a majority of people will question the Sunday exactly as they question the condemnation of sodomy. I would be tempted to say most Christians in this country do not care for the Third Commandment, but it is probably more accurate to say most Christians in this Country do not know the ThirdCommandment, and I wonder how many among the baptised know that there are commandments at all. I kid you not. I heard people say that they “suppose” they are baptised. They suppose that they are baptised. It boggles the mind.

Christianity has been reduced to a party and shopping frenzy once a year. It has become an extremely thin varnish of goodism that means perfectly nothing, and to which very probably the entirety of the inhabitants of Sodom would have subscribed without hesitation. The number of atheists has grown very large, and many of them are very aggressive.

In this climate, the real surprise is that such kind of challenges to Christian thinking as questioning the very Sunday have not come before.

I do not expect to die when Sunday still has a special role of any sort. A country that it only legalises, but celebrates sodomy will not stop in front of the Sunday. They merely need to forget Christianity just a bit more. Hey, it's convenient to have the shops open on a Sunday, right? On the seventh day, God did not go to Sainsbury's.

Meanwhile, clowns like the so-called Archbishop Welby and our own Disgrace in Chief will keep waffling about social justice. Congratulations.



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  1. Everything is open on Sunday in America. No one cares. I’ve never heard anything about it from the pulpit and I never really thought about it seriously for years when I became Catholic. I knew the commandment but it had no meaning because no one around me ever acted like it did or said anything about it.

    • Ah, it’s better here. I have heard several invitations during the homily to sanctify it. One priest one said to me he doesn’t even buy the milk. We have a minority of shops open, in the Main Street so to speak, and shopping centres. Tourist places also have open shops. I’d say the vast part of mom and pop shops and all without a big footfall stays closed. But again: it’s because of the economics of keeping open, generally not because of religious feelings. For Anglicans, religious feelings means feeling smug.

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