Sign The FFI Petition!

Not endangered within the Vatican, for sure.

Not endangered within the Vatican, for sure.


I invite all my gentle readers to follow the link to the Eponymous Flower and from there follow the link to the petition for the resignation of Father Fidenzio Volpi from his position of Apostolic Commissioner of the FFI.

In writing this I am perfectly aware that the ultimate responsible of the mess is not Father Volpi, but the Bishop of Rome itself. Still, it is good at times to – as we say in Italy – speak to the wife so that the mother in law may understand.

Francis is actively promoting the slow suicide of the Church, as abundantly seen from the recent of the Dutch bishops, whom he invited to be more attentive to social issues in one of the most welfare-led countries of the planet. he also told them we have only seen half the work of the V II. This is why, I add, the Church in the Netherland is still alive, albeit moribund. Let Francis finish his work and see what has remained of it. 

In this perspective, it is obvious that a bunch of extremely successful, prospering rosary-counting Pelagians (actually: all such groups are prospering; even the SSPX, kept in the darkest corner as they are) cannot be tolerated by our ‘umble Bishop, hence the action.

I invite you to follow the links and sign the petition.

Heavens, de Mattei is good…





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  1. “What Does The Fox Say?” Ahhhhhhhhh, Volpi is “fox” in Italian so NOW we know what the “fox” says….”crypto-lefebvrian”!!!

  2. Thank you and I hope many will sign the petition although since when is the laity heard?

    • I don’t think the scope is to be heard by the Vatican, but to support the poor Friars and make it more difficult to repeat the trick with, say, the FSSP.

      I do not have much hope for the FFI. Submission and castration, or else an affiliation with the SSPX are, I fear, the only alternatives.


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