India: Right Judges And Wrong Cardinals.

One would ask the Cardinal whether he knows why the inhabitants of Sodom were sent to hell…

Good and shocking news reach us today from India. The good news is that, certainly going against the trend of at least the stupid, corrupted, utterly amoral West the Indian Supreme Court has de facto reinstated sodomy laws in the country by banning the law that abolished them.

The shocking news is that, of all people, the Indian Cardinal Gracias should complain about it.

We really live in an upside down world. A Cardinal should very well know that a sin is an action (or thought or omission, but here we are interested in the action, and it is the act of sodomy that is a criminal offence, not being an inverted) that offends God, and therefore the Church should approve every action from foreign legislative or judiciary bodies that introduces or upholds punishment for the most atrocious offences, as they align at least in tendency the civil society – even of prevalently non-Christian countries – to Christian values.

I will never tire to repeat that the laws of one generation shape the morality of the following one, and it is in fact no surprise that only one generation went from considering the sin of the Sodomites worthy of criminal punishment to considering it a criminally neutral behaviour, and in another generation or less the same behaviour once considered worthy of jail time is now considered – or on the brink of being considered – even worthy of legal protection.

This did not happen by chance, of course, but in part thanks to the silence or utter complicity of the clergy, among whom Cardinal Gracias is an egregious example.

One must, in fact, wonder where the Cardinal has left his sense of shame, provided he ever had one. We are talking here of such abominations – akin to the raping of children, or to incest – that up to one and a half generation ago the very fact was only mentioned in the most indirect and least shocking of ways, and only when absolutely necessary. Not so for the good (or rather, bad) Cardinal, who should be asked why he does not intervene in public to defend, say, the decriminalisation of incest among consenting adults.

I note in his very stupid defence of perversion, the Cardinal states that he has “full respect for homosexuals”. He clearly considering sodomy an obvious and inevitable corollary of being a pervert, as the law in question does not punish being homosexual, but merely the act of sodomy. Interesting. The Cardinal should read a catechism when he has time. Or perhaps he should ask that sex with children be decriminalised, as the impulse to sexual acts in child rapists is at least as strong as the one to sodomy by sodomites; this, apart from the fact that not infrequently the child rapist is also homosexual.

Note, though, that Cardinal Gracias is another member of the “gang of eight”, and it appears Francis has carefully handpicked them so that the upside-down-ing of the Church may go on undisturbed. It can also be that nowadays every such “gangbanger” feels he could be the next one in charge, and feels the need to promote his, ahem, “Francis II” credentials. I am being malicious, you say? As Giulio Andreotti used to reply: those who think ill of others commit a sin, but are often right…

As we write the Year of Our Lord 2013, Church prelates all over the world publicly and enthusiastically embrace the values of the secular and perverted society, whilst it is left to the judiciary of foreign countries to uphold the most elementary morality. It truly beggars belief that only 55 years could reduce the Bride of Christ to such a state.

Poor Holy Mother Church, in the hands of people like Bergoglio, Marx, Maradiaga, Gracias and yes, Ricca…



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