Lessons From The FFI “Golpe”

The name Volpi (Foxes) is very misleading...

As the weeks go by and the progressivist steamroller flattens the FFI to the ground, it might be useful to take some measurements and spend two words about what I think is happening on a broader perspective. I think the following observations can be made:

1. A very tiny number of dissenters (apparently around half a dozen in an order counting hundreds) was enough to start the most brutal crackdown in several decades. The same excuse can be now used everywhere. Woe to the FSSP if there are little dissensions, with a handful of Judas among them saying the Order has become “divisive”, or “crypto-lefebvrist”: an accusation very easy to fabricate, as the FSSP exist to celebrate – even if not exclusively – the same Mass of which Francis has said that it can be, exactly, divisive. Were this to happen, they would probably be doomed, and their only hope of survival would be in Francis' fear of the SSPX. In this case we would have a real paradox: an Order living only thanks to the other Order it was born to destroy. Still, the FSSP can be damaged and watered down in many ways without having recourse to the brutality of the full “FFI treatment”. Personally, I think this is exactly what will happen in the years to come.

2. It should be clear to even the least intelligence that Francis is fully behind all that is happening. Firstly, it is simply not conceivable that such brutality be adopted without the Pope's previous assent; secondly, Father Volpi – the FFI's torturer – has explicitly mentioned the Holy Father's support for his action and has not been contradicted, much less forced to backpedal. This is, ultimately, all Francis' doing, as plain as the sun.

3. The crackdown is not against people, but attitudes. The closure of the seminary shows in Francis' and Volpi's mind the problem lies not in single individuals, but in the traditionalist Weltanschauung of the order. They are targeted because they love Tradition, full stop.

The FFI is the most evident sign of Francis' reigning style we had up to now: as ruthless and brutal when he sees successful Catholicism at work as he is slyly active in promoting his own dying but very convenient brand of kindergarten Catholicism.

Please, Lord, let this punishment come to an end soon.


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  1. Will the Church have to go underground once more?

  2. As I have seen the comment elsewhere, all of this is to destroy another powerhouse of prayer that is the pushback to the growing evil and darkness in the world. So many orders infiltrated and corrupted to destroy them; this time a specious reason was given and that was enough. There has been no crime, no heresy–only faithfulness and prayer and penance and the promotion of Our Lady and Our Lord, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, holy hours, Holy Masses, etc. ALL OF THIS MUST BE SUPPRESSED FOR THE ENEMY OF SOULS TO MOVE FORWARD! That is what I think. So many priests and religious have left and the prayer need moved to the laity to fill and many did but decades of non-catechesis means the laity can no longer fill the gap. There are not enough rosary pray-ers for a crusade and even when bouquets of rosaries are offered to the pope, he belittled the effort! He who says he loves the Blessed Mother did that! He calls faithful Roman Catholics all sorts of names and continually. He supports the demolition of an order faithful to his very office! I cannot trust my own pope, the vicar of Christ! So many are confused. I am. The appointments of those sympathetic to the gaylobby show there will be no clean up there. No reform but more oppression. And the world loves the pope. That says something,

  3. In the light of everything that’s happened since March, you’d almost think that Benedict was ousted by means of a ‘coup’ or something, and that Bergoglio knew well in advance that he was going to ‘replace’ him.

    • I don’t do conspiracy theories, trof4st.
      Benedict is not a child, and would not be blackmailed.
      He certainly did not imagine it would end up this way.
      He gets to live the consequence of his mistakes: horrible appointments to bishops and Cardinals.

  4. I would also add diocesan churches that offer latin masses to the list. Get a few disgruntled parishioners who don’t like the direction the pastor is going, they send a letter to their bishop who might not be favorable to tradition, and you know the rest. God help us

    • Also true.
      It may be that he is waiting for Benedict to die before launching an all-out attack. Though I do think he will think twice before doing this favour to the SSPX.


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