Wins Mundabor's Clown of the Year award hands down...

I wonder when the Pollyannas will start to realise that the enthusiasm of libtards and assorted perverts for Francis does not come from them misunderstanding him, but from them understanding him all too well.

The last piece of evidence is here, with the crowd of perverts “honouring” Francis because he “changes the perception” of perverts abandoning themselves to abominable practices.

How can you deny they are right, and the Pollyannas are wrong? Francis downplays both homosexuality as a perversion and sodomy as a sin crying to heaven for vengeance, in front of a global audience, and obviously being very pleased with the result.

Let us not be blind and let us see reality as it is.

Whether out of sheer stupidity, or appalling ignorance and arrogance, or outright evil intention, this man has been working for the enemies of Christ since March 13.

From their friends you'll recognise them.

Beware of the wolf in black shoes.



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  1. Hi Mundabor. I’m running a poll to see who should recognized as Moron of the Year. Please vote in it: http://sbyvl.wordpress.com/2013/12/19/sbyvls-moron-of-the-year-award/

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