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A Time For Choosing (Again!)

In a recent interview – the man seems unable to refrain from interviews now, after having said he did not like giving them; heavens, just think if he did… – the Bishop of Rome waxes lyrical about tenderness.

It would, in fact, do some good reading about such worthy sentiment, if it were applied in a halfway reasonable way, and for halfway understandable reasons.

It is certainly not tenderness, but laxity and scandal to allow Monsignor Ricca to remain at his post. The more so, as Francis gives further scandal by remaining in close contact with the man. Please remember that Ricca was found out, not reformed. Please also consider the man showing such scandalous “tenderness” to him is one able to make very offensive jokes about this supposed “gay lobby” not having ID card with them, though funnily enough for him even worldwide scandal isn’t enough evidence, so one wonders whether he would believe the ID, or even the T-shirt.

It is also not tenderness, but being accessory in sin to encourage “progressive” nuns to keep “progressing”, without caring much of warning letters they might receive from the CDF. This is encouraging the blind to keep leading other blind, and if it shows tenderness to anyone, then it must be Satan. To the nuns, he says that the priority is that they go forward. If it’s going forward in heresy, oh come on, let’s not be too legalistic about that, eh? ah? no?

But most importantly, it is not tenderness at all to allow a brutal crackdown on an exemplary order, to which no heresy of any sort, and no accusation of behaviour at variance with sound Catholicism can be moved, other than to have grown increasingly more fond of the Tradition of the Church, liturgical and otherwise. The progressive nuns can go “forward” to the point of getting the attention of the doctrinal watchdog and Francis encourages them not to worry, and actually not to care. The Franciscans of the Immaculate grow fond of orthodoxy, and Francis drives over them with the steamroller.

In this year of unspeakable scandal, it is almost not noticed anymore that an order can be beaten so savagely because suspected of sympathies with Archbishop Lefebvre of blessed memory, when they still keep doing what no Lefebvrian would do: celebrate abundant Novus Ordo Masses. If this isn’t the height of open enmity with Church Tradition, I do not know what is.

No tenderness for them, then. No fluffy talk. No rhetoric of “going forward”. In Francis’ word you can only go forward if you challenge Catholic Tradition, of which he is very evidently an enemy in liturgical, canonical and doctrinal matters. If you, on the other hand, defend what has been transmitted to us, you are a “legalist”, a “Pharisee”, suffer of excessive “doctrinal security”: in short, you are the enemy.

The celebrant of the Pinocchio Mass and of the Tango Mass is cracking down on good priests who love the Tridentine Mass. Shall I insult your intelligence telling you who is right?

It is happening under our very eyes, and it is astonishing how many simply choose not to see. Perhaps there are things we don’t know, they wonder? Could the Pope be, be… – shock! horror! – …. wrong? This cannot be, it simply can’t! If such a thing were to be admitted, their entire faith would crumble! Their religion is the belief in an impeccable Pope, the remote-controlled toy of the Holy Ghost! Better be blind, then; and when reality is plain to see, simply react with a perplexed “Hhmmm, there must be something we don’t know! We shouldn’t judge without having all the elements”…

Fools. What would they have said about the Holocaust? Would they ever have had a chance of getting “all the elements”? Not even Nazi grandees did! Do they think what happens under the sun is not enough to ground the duty to take a stand? Did his contemporaries know everything about Stalin’s motives? Did they know everything about what happened in the villages of Cambodia, where Pol Pot marched “forward”?

It’s happening now. It’s under the sun. Under your very eyes. Wake up.

Granted: the compulsive blind think their claimed “lack of knowledge” exempts them from making mistakes, and they will be on the safe side by siding with the Pope because hey, no one has ever heard of bad Popes, right? They are so wrong. They won’t get away with willful blindness, with superstitious Papolatry. They have made a choice. They can’t avoid choosing – and be it only out of cowardice: cowardice is a choice – when right and wrong, Tradition and Revolution, Thurible and Tango are so obviously opposed.

Choose this day, therefore, if you are on the side of two thousand years of Church Tradition, and of countless saints; or on the side of the bearer of strange novelties; the protectors of sodomites; the appeasers of heretics, infidels and atheists; the aides and abettors of heterodoxy in almost every form, even when they know the very CDF is alerted; and the promoters of liturgical abuses and of scandalous masses.

Say, then, the day you die, that you chose the Tango danced on the sanctuary rather than the Mass of the Ages; that you were ready to condone – nay, believe – the almost daily offences to sound Catholicism everytime someone showed you a new verbal contortionism to “justify” it; that you saw a Pope washing the feet of women and infidels, and did not say a word; that you saw excellent priests of a prospering, utterly orthodox Order humiliated and slandered, and an excellent organisation thrown to the dogs for… loving Tradition.

Say all this, if you want to. As God sees me now as I write, if I die tomorrow I want to die on the side of Padre Pio and Pius XII, of Pius X and Archbishop Lefebvre; on the side of those for whom Truth was something to cherish and protect, not to “bring forward” in the land of strange novelties that appease the public, and offend Christ.

Choose this day, and consider what is at stake.

And don’t be fooled by talk of “tenderness”. Every wolf can talk of tenderness.

Look at how he acts instead.


Sign The FFI Petition!

The Crypto-Lefebvrian Reblog

Mundabor's Blog


I invite all my gentle readers to follow the link to the Eponymous Flower and from there follow the link to the petition for the resignation of Father Fidenzio Volpi from his position of Apostolic Commissioner of the FFI.

In writing this I am perfectly aware that the ultimate responsible of the mess is not Father Volpi, but the Bishop of Rome itself. Still, it is good at times to – as we say in Italy – speak to the wife so that the mother in law may understand.

Francis is actively promoting the slow suicide of the Church, as abundantly seen from the recent of the Dutch bishops, whom he invited to be more attentive to social issues in one of the most welfare-led countries of the planet. he also told them we have only seen half the work of the V II. This is why, I add…

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FFI: Please Spread The Word

Rorate Caeli has, once again, very interesting information about the FFI.

Not only the matter itself of their alleged crypto-Lefebvrism is discussed, but the lies and, apparently, outright slander against the founder of the Order are dealth with in great depth after the misinformation spread by some imprudent and perhaps all too interested corners.

It is necessary that the Catholic world reacts with great outrage to this kind of acting, and to the thinking that is clearly at the origin of the acting. Make no mistake: the ongoing demolition of the FFI is the first step in the attempted demolition of Traditionalism.

Please mail, reblog or distribute the information from Rorate to everyone you think might be a useful recipient of the information.

It might be too late to save the FFI; but the more outrage there is, the more our popularity-seeking Bishop of Rome might be persuaded to a less indecent conduct.



This Time, Ann Coulter Is Quite Right

Ann Coulter's statement that if the Pope believes you don't need to be Catholic he may as well work as an anchor for some TV outlet is quite right.

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus. Jesus will certainly admit, in the last moment before death, some unbaptised, and certainly a greater number of non Catholics into that Church outside of which there can be no salvation; but this is subject to very strict criteria, chief of which is Invincible Ignorance, and it certainly requires an uncommon amount of stupidity – or else, Jesuitism – to think this “escape hell” card is something one can confidently expect. Two thousand years of Catholic tradition, and the clear mandate of Jesus Himself, show this beyond doubt.

If, therefore, someone believes that belonging to the Only Church is some kind of nice, “joy bringing” accessory whose lack does not stay in the way of salvation provided one is a good chap of more or less humanitarian attitude, he has no business being the Pope.



SSPX: New Rosary Crusade

The SSPX will launch a new Rosary Crusade on 1  January.

Details here, with many thanks to the reader Elizabeth.

Other details will hopefully follow as to the participation of the laity (I’d love to enroll, though I do not live in the US).

Also please look at the other beautiful initiative of the pilgrimage of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. 


I look at the SSPX and Francis, and I have not the slightest doubt about who could teach Catholicism to the other.


“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Pope Concerned Over Rosary Praying

Mundabor's Blog


Read on Rorate the transcript (unofficial and unauthorised; I wonder whether a dementi will follow) of the latest free-wheeling thoughts of a Pope for whom to think of something and to say it seems to be one and the same.

A group of faithful offers him more than 3,500 rosaries prayed for him. Think how beautiful and moving this is! Would you not be moved at knowing someone prayed one Hail Mary for you? When the Pope receives not 3,500 Hail Mary, but 3,500 rosaries he is not at all overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of this gift; instead, he takes it “with respect”, but he is also “concerned” at the practice.

The Rosary? Seriously? Do you think you live in the Forties? And come on, are you even counting?

Please visit Rorate and read there the entire text of the transcription; it transpire an atmosphere of mockery among…

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