A Time For Choosing (Again!)

In a recent interview – the man seems unable to refrain from interviews now, after having said he did not like giving them; heavens, just think if he did… – the Bishop of Rome waxes lyrical about tenderness.

It would, in fact, do some good reading about such worthy sentiment, if it were applied in a halfway reasonable way, and for halfway understandable reasons.

It is certainly not tenderness, but laxity and scandal to allow Monsignor Ricca to remain at his post. The more so, as Francis gives further scandal by remaining in close contact with the man. Please remember that Ricca was found out, not reformed. Please also consider the man showing such scandalous “tenderness” to him is one able to make very offensive jokes about this supposed “gay lobby” not having ID card with them, though funnily enough for him even worldwide scandal isn’t enough evidence, so one wonders whether he would believe the ID, or even the T-shirt.

It is also not tenderness, but being accessory in sin to encourage “progressive” nuns to keep “progressing”, without caring much of warning letters they might receive from the CDF. This is encouraging the blind to keep leading other blind, and if it shows tenderness to anyone, then it must be Satan. To the nuns, he says that the priority is that they go forward. If it’s going forward in heresy, oh come on, let’s not be too legalistic about that, eh? ah? no?

But most importantly, it is not tenderness at all to allow a brutal crackdown on an exemplary order, to which no heresy of any sort, and no accusation of behaviour at variance with sound Catholicism can be moved, other than to have grown increasingly more fond of the Tradition of the Church, liturgical and otherwise. The progressive nuns can go “forward” to the point of getting the attention of the doctrinal watchdog and Francis encourages them not to worry, and actually not to care. The Franciscans of the Immaculate grow fond of orthodoxy, and Francis drives over them with the steamroller.

In this year of unspeakable scandal, it is almost not noticed anymore that an order can be beaten so savagely because suspected of sympathies with Archbishop Lefebvre of blessed memory, when they still keep doing what no Lefebvrian would do: celebrate abundant Novus Ordo Masses. If this isn’t the height of open enmity with Church Tradition, I do not know what is.

No tenderness for them, then. No fluffy talk. No rhetoric of “going forward”. In Francis’ word you can only go forward if you challenge Catholic Tradition, of which he is very evidently an enemy in liturgical, canonical and doctrinal matters. If you, on the other hand, defend what has been transmitted to us, you are a “legalist”, a “Pharisee”, suffer of excessive “doctrinal security”: in short, you are the enemy.

The celebrant of the Pinocchio Mass and of the Tango Mass is cracking down on good priests who love the Tridentine Mass. Shall I insult your intelligence telling you who is right?

It is happening under our very eyes, and it is astonishing how many simply choose not to see. Perhaps there are things we don’t know, they wonder? Could the Pope be, be… – shock! horror! – …. wrong? This cannot be, it simply can’t! If such a thing were to be admitted, their entire faith would crumble! Their religion is the belief in an impeccable Pope, the remote-controlled toy of the Holy Ghost! Better be blind, then; and when reality is plain to see, simply react with a perplexed “Hhmmm, there must be something we don’t know! We shouldn’t judge without having all the elements”…

Fools. What would they have said about the Holocaust? Would they ever have had a chance of getting “all the elements”? Not even Nazi grandees did! Do they think what happens under the sun is not enough to ground the duty to take a stand? Did his contemporaries know everything about Stalin’s motives? Did they know everything about what happened in the villages of Cambodia, where Pol Pot marched “forward”?

It’s happening now. It’s under the sun. Under your very eyes. Wake up.

Granted: the compulsive blind think their claimed “lack of knowledge” exempts them from making mistakes, and they will be on the safe side by siding with the Pope because hey, no one has ever heard of bad Popes, right? They are so wrong. They won’t get away with willful blindness, with superstitious Papolatry. They have made a choice. They can’t avoid choosing – and be it only out of cowardice: cowardice is a choice – when right and wrong, Tradition and Revolution, Thurible and Tango are so obviously opposed.

Choose this day, therefore, if you are on the side of two thousand years of Church Tradition, and of countless saints; or on the side of the bearer of strange novelties; the protectors of sodomites; the appeasers of heretics, infidels and atheists; the aides and abettors of heterodoxy in almost every form, even when they know the very CDF is alerted; and the promoters of liturgical abuses and of scandalous masses.

Say, then, the day you die, that you chose the Tango danced on the sanctuary rather than the Mass of the Ages; that you were ready to condone – nay, believe – the almost daily offences to sound Catholicism everytime someone showed you a new verbal contortionism to “justify” it; that you saw a Pope washing the feet of women and infidels, and did not say a word; that you saw excellent priests of a prospering, utterly orthodox Order humiliated and slandered, and an excellent organisation thrown to the dogs for… loving Tradition.

Say all this, if you want to. As God sees me now as I write, if I die tomorrow I want to die on the side of Padre Pio and Pius XII, of Pius X and Archbishop Lefebvre; on the side of those for whom Truth was something to cherish and protect, not to “bring forward” in the land of strange novelties that appease the public, and offend Christ.

Choose this day, and consider what is at stake.

And don’t be fooled by talk of “tenderness”. Every wolf can talk of tenderness.

Look at how he acts instead.


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  1. Dignare me laudare te, Virgo sacrata.
    Da mihi virtutem contra hostes tuos.

    I believe the FFI are being persecuted because they are faithful and Catholic by those who are not. May Our Blessed Mother defend them and us.

    Ave Maria!

  2. Reblogged this on non veni pacem and commented:
    Mundabor came down hard on the Bishop of Rome, as he prefers to be called, in the infancy of his Papacy. At first, he was quite alone in his harsh assessment. Nine months later, can there be any doubt he is vindicated? When it comes to pass that The Advocate votes the sitting Roman Pontiff it’s Man of the Year, what else can be said.

  3. After 50 years of liberal modernist bunkum, humbug and sheer papal criminal negligence I pay absolutely no attention to what the church hierarchy says. I go to The Latin Mass and obey the perpetual magesterial teachings. This pope has the biggest mouth I have ever known from a man in his position. And he had the gall to preach silence as a preparation for Christmas. Since Paul VI, they are all liberal modernist enemies of The Church. Nothing they do or say surprises any more. They have two sides to their mouths.

  4. This pope knows neither humility nor the importance of silence. He is either a very poor amateur or a freemason.

  5. There are members of the Church hierarchy ripe for the madhouse.

  6. “But if it seem evil to you to serve the Lord, you have your choice: choose this day that which pleaseth you, whom you would rather serve, whether the gods which your fathers served in Mesopotamia, or the gods of the Amorrhites, in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 Viva Cristo Rey! God bless~

  7. Reading what you have here I fear I must have missed something. Did the pope actually tell the nuns who were the focus of critical CDF documents to “go forward” or to ignore in some way what the congregation had told them? I don’t remember seeing that reported anywhere and would love to know more about it.

  8. I think that if Bergoglio bit himself he would contract rabies.

  9. After all, he is always foaming at the mouth.

  10. Thank you, Mundabor, for your frankness. What you say is true, and i have known it in my heart since the day Bergoglio said, ‘The moral stands of the Church are compromising her mission.’ This is a direct, frontal attack on the very essence of Christ’ s Church. It is clear to me that the only way this can go is schism.

    • Do you mean, your schism? It is clear to me that the only way to go is fidelity to the Church. A Pope must not be obeyed or believed if he says something stupid, or worse. I hope you are not supporting schism, I ban commenters fast. (If you didn’t mean that, please forget last remark)



    Five times banished
    Exiled seventeen
    Excommunicated champions
    God puts at each scene.

    Saint Athanasius,
    Feast day of worth
    On the second of May
    The month of great mirth.

    Out in the deserts –
    As history has charted –
    You preserved the true Mass
    Great lion-hearted.

    Now Lefebvre
    And the sixties egalitarians
    Like Athanasius,
    His time his Arians.

    For He who abolished
    Death by death
    Sent him to absolve
    Sin width and breadth.

    And yes the same moon
    The same sun we’re all under…
    We venal rain – but Lefebvre

    Righteous thunder!!

  12. Our loyalty as Catholics is to the Truth that has been revealed to us through Holy Mother Church. Our obedience is not to those in authority who change it or distort it. I believe the Mr. Bergoglio is moving fast. He is just getting started, and we will see changes in doctrine, in Liturgy and in understanding of the Sacraments that will truly be heretical. What will you do when it comes out of Rome officially that ‘the Holy Eucharist is no longer Christ once Mass is ended. Instead’ we will be told, ‘we are each Christ to each other’. Our Lady of LaSalette told us plainly that the antiChrist will sit on the throne of Rome. We are here, and his studied ambiguity I do believe is calculated to to desensitize faithful Catholics to the heresy and destruction that is coming. The masons have their man in. Bergogloio has been on the throne of Rome only 9 months and he is already distorting and twisting the most basic elements of our Faith. I am saying there is one direction in which this is going, and to not see it is really naive. I LOVE my Faith, but I believe we will see the Church go underground. If you find my words too strong, go ahead and block me, Mundabor. I will be sorry about that but I am being as honest with you as you are on this blog. Have a nice day..

    • I am uncertain yet as to whether to block you.
      A message that is not openly sedevacantist will go through, but a poster pushing a sedevacantist agenda will be banned.
      “What will you do” etc. is a theoretical question, as the question does not pose itself at the moment.

      So pray tell me: shall I ban you?


  13. May by you should write a post about “Schism, Heresy, Orthodoxy” and store it in the “Catholic Vademecum” as you did for “Salvation, Predestination, Reprobation, And Free Will”, a subject about which I had asked you questions. Because I think that several readers of this blog having used the terms “schism” or “heresy” don’t really know the exact meaning of them.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

  14. My feelings of anxiety are slowly giving way to those of hope. Finally we know where we are, we have an openly ‘modernist’ Pope and, we know that he can’t be trusted to transmit the faith as handed down. So there is nothing for us to do except pray and do penance to hasten the sure intervention of God into the affairs of the Church. Our Lady of Good Success said, of the faithful clergy of our times, “Against them the impious will wage a cruel war, overwhelming them with vituperation, calumnies, and vexations in order to stop them fulfilling their ministry…” It had to happen, it has happened. We are its unhappy witnesses but we are assured that in the end truth will be triumphant.

    • Yes, we are assured, but the Arian heresy made havoc for a round a century in a very virulent manner. We should all be resigned to the fact we might not see the end of this whilst breathing.

      on the other hand, I thought the same about communism.


  15. There is some dangerous opinions here. Everything the Pope says does not carry the weight of infallibility after all. We are in for some tough times again just like our parents or grandparents experienced after the Council. The dismissing of Cardinal Burke and the acceptance of his replacement is a very very bad sign. (http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/abbott/060518) The persecution of a faithful Order with no cause as there was no heresy or crime or even disobedience, that is a scary sign. But I cannot entertain schism even so. I am fortunate though as my diocese is one of the most faithful, my bishop is orthodox, and my parish and pastor are good. There is no heresy (oh, we might be in trouble then?). I can worship in relative peace and have access to the TLM on Sundays and often major Holy Days. I am far luckier than most, I know.

  16. I have written honestly,and I have been clear. The question of ‘schism’ is not mine to encourage or create. I am not fostering a political movement. The challenge for each genuine follower of Christ is to be obedient to the full Revelation of God as the Catholic Church has handed it down, clarified it, and developed it over the last two thousand years. No pope can change or distort what the Holy Spirit has given. The way things are unfolding in the Church it behooves us each to be most prayerful and intimate with the Eucharistic Christ so that authentic discernment will develop. and we will be enabled to follow Holy Mother Church wherever She may go–even underground if necessary. The man in Rome has a very real agenda and he is just getting started. The hand writing is already on the wall.

    • You may have written honestly, but you are still unclear. It is obvious that the question of “schism” is not yours to encourage or create, but this is an abstract statement with which even Stalin would agree. The same for the rest.

      I will refrain from banning you for the time being. Again, sedevacantism will not be allowed.


  17. I am not clear as to the definition of ‘sedevacantism’. Does this mean that no one is on the throne in Rome? I do not mean to belabor the point, but perhaps hearing the definiton would help me understand your concerns about it.

    • Sedevacantism is the idea that the Sea is vacant, that is: that there is no Pope. This causes problems of various kind, and leads to absurd conclusions.

      The SSPX has, as always, a very good explanation here:

      I refuse to consider the sea vacant unless people of unquestioned authority – to me it is the SSPX; I’d trust my salvation to them rather than Francis’ blathering – tells me this is the case. As you will see from the article, the case is not really in the cards.

      It’s a thin line at times between obedience and revolt. Traditionalist choose the first without the second.


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