This Time, Ann Coulter Is Quite Right

Ann Coulter's statement that if the Pope believes you don't need to be Catholic he may as well work as an anchor for some TV outlet is quite right.

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus. Jesus will certainly admit, in the last moment before death, some unbaptised, and certainly a greater number of non Catholics into that Church outside of which there can be no salvation; but this is subject to very strict criteria, chief of which is Invincible Ignorance, and it certainly requires an uncommon amount of stupidity – or else, Jesuitism – to think this “escape hell” card is something one can confidently expect. Two thousand years of Catholic tradition, and the clear mandate of Jesus Himself, show this beyond doubt.

If, therefore, someone believes that belonging to the Only Church is some kind of nice, “joy bringing” accessory whose lack does not stay in the way of salvation provided one is a good chap of more or less humanitarian attitude, he has no business being the Pope.



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  1. Thanks Mundabor, as always for being a light in the darkness (even if sometimes blaring, which i appreciate). A small point of clarification, those saved due to invincible ignorance or the like, are still considered to be in the Church just not in a formal way.
    They are in via sanctifying grace which is only available through Holy Mother Church.
    Not a likely path, but anyone saved is only saved Intra Ecclesia…

    • Exactly this I mean. They become part of the Church before dying, and are saved exactly because they are in it. If it were possible to be saved outside of the Church, God would contradict Himself.


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