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“We Three Kings Of Orient Are”

I’ll Be Dead This Christmas

I never liked the Salvation Army. Last time I looked, the Church didn't recognise their baptism; which means – if memory serves – they are officially wannabe Christians. Always last time I looked – these almost-Proddies change their doctrines and practices very fast, so you never know – they did not drink alcohol, which makes an Italian like me smell fanaticism from one mile away. Come on, Jesus drank wine. Get real.

Well, then: the very same people who oppose wine apparently do not oppose abortion in particular cases.

I find these kind of distinguos always tragically funny.

“I am sorry, little one. But you see, your little heart beats because of a rape; your little hands are being formed because of the wrong motives. God cannot want for you to be born, surely?

Therefore, little one, please bear with me as I tear you apart, fracture your skull, dismember you piece by piece, and try to stop your rather stubborn little heart that keeps beating.

Please don't condemn me. I am so good, I do not even drink wine”.

Don't give money to the Salvation Army.


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