I’ll Be Dead This Christmas

I never liked the Salvation Army. Last time I looked, the Church didn't recognise their baptism; which means – if memory serves – they are officially wannabe Christians. Always last time I looked – these almost-Proddies change their doctrines and practices very fast, so you never know – they did not drink alcohol, which makes an Italian like me smell fanaticism from one mile away. Come on, Jesus drank wine. Get real.

Well, then: the very same people who oppose wine apparently do not oppose abortion in particular cases.

I find these kind of distinguos always tragically funny.

“I am sorry, little one. But you see, your little heart beats because of a rape; your little hands are being formed because of the wrong motives. God cannot want for you to be born, surely?

Therefore, little one, please bear with me as I tear you apart, fracture your skull, dismember you piece by piece, and try to stop your rather stubborn little heart that keeps beating.

Please don't condemn me. I am so good, I do not even drink wine”.

Don't give money to the Salvation Army.


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  1. They should be called “Damnation Army” instead.

  2. felicitasperpetua

    In addition to being mock Christians and the rest, they’re also in the habit of ambushing unsuspecting victims at grocery shop exits. One of the annoyances of “the holiday season” is getting subjected to their passive-aggressive “holiday greetings” of these people as they accost you for donations. I treat them the same way as any other annoying panhandler. Can’t believe grocery store chains sponsor this sort of behavior!

    • Hopefully not in the UK?
      I do not react well to passive-aggressiveness anyway.
      If I met one of those, I’d be tempted to get back in the store to buy some alcohol.

  3. I don’t give money to most “catholic charities” let alone these frauds

  4. As far as I know it’s not so much that the Church doesn’t recognise their baptism as the fact
    that they don’t recognise the Sacrament of Baptism and have gone to great lengths in their
    writings to argue why it is totally unnecessary. Strange that a Christian, even a Protestant,
    should have such a position, you might think, as Baptism would appear to be the minimum
    requirement for one to be considered a Christian. A little-known item of interest is that the
    founder’s mother was Jewish, which makes him Jewish too by the way, since according to their own rules, Jewishness is transmitted through the female line. So a deep aversion to Baptism is hardly surprising.

  5. I can’t find the article. 😦

  6. I walk pass them every time and say a prayer for them …no wine but let’s kill our children…God have mercy on us all!
    Oh and by the way Mundabor a very blessed and holy Chrsitmas to you and yours !
    Thanks for being here and for this most wonderful blog !

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