WYD Ass Prize: Pick Your Winner!







As the Year of Our Lord 2013 is slowly leaving us it might be good to revisit, as a perennial warning, one of the most ominous loads of bovine excrement served to the faithful by the joyful nuChurch of Francis, The Humble Guy.

This video is an eloquent testimony of the state in which our stupid prelates have reduced the One True Church.

Faithful to the motto oportet ut scandala eveniant, I invite you to post this madness on your blog, or on your facebook page, or to send it to your friends so that they know what they must think the next time one of these nincompoops wants to teach us some strange novelty.  

You  might also want to pick your own very special prelate for individual shaming, and warning to the other faithful.

After two runs (which were difficult enough to stomach), in my view the clear winner is the athletic, enthusiastic chap at 2:41 to 2:44. His dope must have been of the first quality. I hope there was a time when he was worthy of the habit, but as things are now I think he should be stripped of it stante pede

Can’t imagine any of the apostles making such an ass of himself. Denying Christ in a moment of weakness, yes. Being fearful of persecution, of course. But making a pathetic clown of himself and the Church he is called to represent at that age just to please a bunch of idiots and try to show them he is cool and modern? No.


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  1. My vote goes to something else entirely, vis.
    Cool; eh, no?

  2. I have seen this a few times now …makes me sick to my stomach !
    I felt like I was at some pep rally at some non demoninational sect.
    How is it these Prelates think this is okay …I don’t get this at all .
    How can they all be so blind …..Shame on them all …for making a mockery of Our Jesus and His Church ….may the good God have mercy on them all and on HIS CHURCH which they are destroying with all this “let all have fun together” attitude !
    I am sick of the modern church and how they all have DETHRONED Jesus Christ who is KING of all!

  3. The fellow at 2:41-2:44 might actually be disqualified for the prize due to dementia. I vote for the young one at the start with the very dark hair. He may have been more aware of his surroundings.

  4. Fools. Not fools for Christ, but just fools. That video has vomit factor of 10 out of 10.

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