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The morning after, and conservative Catholics are trying to come to terms with what has happened. I have been around on the Internet, and I see a despondency almost pleased of itself. “We are doomed!”; “Lord, have mercy!” and similar expressions are very easy to be found. Do you want my take?

Get a grip.

The world has not ended, and it is not as if Schoenborn or Meisner had been made Pope. This Pope might be bad or very bad as the case may be (I have almost abandoned hope that he might be only mildly bad, though you never know), but he will not be the undoing of anything, least of all our Holy Mother Church.

The Church who survived Liberius and Benedict IX, John XXII and Alexander VI, Leo X and Paul VI will also survive Francis, no matter how bad or how long his pontificate. Countless…

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  1. Cardinal Meisner called on Bergoglio to stop giving interviews:

    “Giving interviews by the Pope is a problematic way of preaching”. That said the Cologne Cardinal Joachim Meisner in a radio interview.


    “Remarried divorced Catholics may not receive communion according to the Church’s teachings.”

    “If theological questions remain open, the Congregation for the doctrine of the Faith has to clarify this in detail, thus Cardinal Meisner. The prefect, Archbishop Gerhard Müller, is opposed to giving the communion to remarried divorced Catholics. ”

    “However, it is NOT possible that the doctrine is changed,” said Meisner: “The Church needs to adjust itself to the Word of God, and not to the world.”

    “Change is not a category of the Gospel.”


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